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A “secret deal” between Macron and Uber… and the French opposition denounces

French opposition deputies denounced, on Monday, reports of a “secret deal” between French President Emmanuel Macron when he was a minister in the Socialist government of Francois Hollande and the giant transport company Uber, considering what happened a “theft of the country.”

Allegations about the existence of this deal were revealed in the latest investigation by leading international news organizations based on leaked files, dubbed “#UberFiles” on social media platforms.

The Uber Files investigation is based on thousands of internal Uber documents sent to The Guardian by an anonymous source. The Guardian British, got it International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Expressive quote from the French newspaper Le Monde

ICIJ is working on this issue with 42 media partners around the world.

The newspaper “Le Monde” Le Monde The French, for their part, highlighted the links between the American company and Macron when he was Minister of Economy.

A report by Le Monde newspaper, citing documents, text messages and witnesses, stated that Uber had reached a secret “deal” with Macron when he was Minister of Economy between 2014 and 2016.

The newspaper talked about meetings held in the minister’s office, and about many exchanges (appointments, calls and short messages) between the “Uber France” teams on the one hand, and Macron and his advisors on the other hand.

The “Le Monde” report highlights what the newspaper says is an aid provided by Macron’s ministry to Uber to strengthen the company’s position in France.

Opposition French lawmakers have denounced what appeared to be close cooperation between Macron and “Uber”, at a time when the company was trying to circumvent strict government regulation of the transport sector.

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In contact with Agence France-Presse, Uber France confirmed that the two sides had been in contact. The meetings with Macron took place as part of his regular ministerial duties.

The Elysee Palace told AFP that at that time, Macron, as Minister of Economy, was in contact “of course” with “many companies involved in the profound transformation that took place over those mentioned years in the service sector, and (a transformation of It had to be facilitated by opening administrative and organizational obstacles.”

However, MP Mathilde Panneau, head of the Parliamentary Bloc “France Proud” (radical left), denounced on Twitter what she considered a “plunder of the country” when Macron was “adviser and minister to Francois Hollande.”

As for the leader of the Communist Party (BCF), Fabien Roussel, he considered that the revelations showed “the active role that Emmanuel Macron, when he was a minister, played in facilitating the development of Uber in France, against all our rules, all our social rights and against all the rights of our workers.”

For his part, Communist MP Pierre Dareville called for a parliamentary inquiry into the case.

In turn, John Bardella, head of the far-right National Rally, wrote on Twitter that the revelations showed that Macron’s career was aimed at “serving private interests, often foreign, before national interests.”