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A series of explosions rocks Kyiv... and Russian forces enter Kherson

A series of explosions rocks Kyiv… and Russian forces enter Kherson

“Sky New Arabia” correspondent in Kyiv reported that explosions were heard near the Druzhby Narodiv metro station in the capital, while two large explosions were heard in the center of the city. Kyiv.

In another development, the mayor of Kherson city, Igor Kulekhaev, said that “the city is surrounded” by Russian forces, noting that the situation in the capital of the southern region is tense with the Russian forces entering the city and seizing the administrative buildings.

Meanwhile, the city of Izyum was bombed, killing at least three civilians, local Ukrainian media quoted Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Matsukin as saying.

Matsukin said the attack hit an apartment building and a private house.

In addition, Ukrainian media reported that Ukrainian special forces “You won’t be able to capture the Russian artillery any longer.”.

The command of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces has warned that it will kill Russian artillery prisoners in response to their “brutal bombardment” of civilians and cities.

In a related development, local authorities and residents in Mariupol said the situation was deteriorating “from hour to hour” in the city, which has the main Ukrainian port on the Sea of ​​Azov in the southeast of the country, with bombing the Russian army City center and residential areas.

Russian artillery bombed residential areas, including a maternity hospital and a school, wounding 42 people, according to the municipal council.

The longer the control of Mariupol With a population of about 410,000 people, this is strategic for Russia, as it will allow it to link its forces in Crimea with those in the breakaway regions of Donbas.

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