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A ship from Hamburg to Pardubice?  The Czech Republic and Germany Fira signed an agreement on Elbe . Maritime Navigation

A ship from Hamburg to Pardubice? The Czech Republic and Germany Fira signed an agreement on Elbe . Maritime Navigation

The Minister of Transport Karel Havelick (ANO) and Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany Andreas Scheuer-Vera signed the Elbe Navigational Agreement. According to the Ministry of Transport, Elbe will be able to operate ecological water transport and improve conditions for international trade and tourism in the Czech Republic. The Department of Transportation reported this on its website. Elbe is a prominent European Czech, whose co-occurrence is the Czech Republic with Germany. You will see Eno: We will leave the Elbe River in the basement, 340 days a year, there will be a trip, the target is navigable from Pardubice to Hamburg until 2030, to the joint meeting, which took place in debt, Transport Minister Karel Havelick.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the current parameters of the waterway should be created with a navigable depth of 230 cm in the section between Stm nad Labem and Tnec nad Labem and at the same time the section between Tnec nad Labem and Pardubice Pardubicch.

In the German section of the Elbe, the current part of the gossip is the depth of the passages 140 cm, which corresponds to the German strategic document called the General Concept of the Elbe.

According to the head of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment Dana Balkarov (Berti), this agreement will open two more waste of tax fees and irreversible damage to Czech sales. Commenting on Ekolist, he said, “It is not used as a means to irresponsibly enforce paranoid corridors, nor is its construction justified by the day the pub is entered.”

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Dana Balkarova now finds out with the Ministry of Transport whether the contract will be approved by the House of Representatives, and if so, she considers that it will spark unusual negotiations about the contracts. We hope that the House of Representatives will not approve the treaty. “We created huge amounts of contracts that none of us wanted,” Balkarov said.