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A shocking medical surprise.. Artificial sweeteners are not what we thought

A shocking medical surprise.. Artificial sweeteners are not what we thought

Scientists at Deakin University in Melbourne spotted this Risksafter they found artificial sweeteners in a lot of foods Which claims to have less sugar.

Although some try to reduce the consumption of products that are high in sugar, in order to have a healthy diet, they fall into the trap of artificial sweetener.

And while trying to reduce the amount of added sugar in foods, the food we consume is still sweetened, more than before, which raises concerns about future generations consuming foods that contain more sugar than necessary.

In this context, experts at the University of North Carolina state that trying to reduce the amount of added sugar in foods is a great challenge, because humans naturally prefer sweet-tasting food, but consuming it without any solutions may lead to health problems in the long run.

A recent study, in the British Medical Journal, points to a link between artificial sweeteners and heart disease and stroke.

However, the use of artificial sweeteners in limited quantities is still better than having a large amount of sugar in the foods consumed daily, according to experts.

An alarming increase

Nutritionist Ferlan El Gemayel says that the foods we eat at the present time already contain a high amount of sugar, and this matter makes the body need more, and if we compared it with the past, we would find that what we consume today of the sweet substance is much greater than what we used to consume Like ten years ago or so.

Al-Jamil added, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that sugar was an important source of energy before, because foods were not very abundant, while the situation has changed today, and the consumer now finds himself in front of a long list.

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When talking about artificial sweeteners, Al-Jamil explained that many resort to them in order to reduce calories, but they do not realize that excessive consumption of them portends many health risks, especially in the long run.

And the Lebanese specialist added that excessive intake of artificial sweeteners may increase the risk of strokes or diabetes as a result of confusing the process of insulin secretion in the body, “it is not a healthy alternative that can be focused on.”

The researcher recommended focusing on eating low-sugar foods, as natural as possible, instead of processed foods, and said that artificial sweeteners directly affect gut health by causing disturbances in the necessary bacteria in the human digestive system.