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مفاجأة صادمة.. بيع شقة فاتن حمامة بالمزاد العلني

A shocking surprise… Faten Hamama’s apartment sold at public auction

Fans of the able artist, Faten Hamama, were surprised by an announcement in an Egyptian newspaper that her apartment in the “Libon” building in Zamalek was sold at a public auction on October 27.

And the newspaper wrote in its announcement: “Announcing the sale by public auction with the system of closed envelopes, the Libon Building for the former unit owned by the artist Faten Hamama, the facade on the Nile and the fish garden, Jabalia Street – Zamalek, with an area of ​​​​approximately 485 square meters, fully finished, registered in the real estate month, Payment facilities, Wednesday, October 27, 2021 session 1:00 p.m. at the company’s headquarters in Dokki, Giza,” according to (her).

The news was greeted with derision by the great artist’s audience and in artistic circles, as a large number of fans of the late artist asked to convert the apartment into a museum.

And Faten Hamama’s apartment is located on the twelfth floor, which is a small two-storey villa, and a room was allocated to her daughter Nadia Zulficar, her daughter from the late artist Salah Zulfikar, and a second room for her son Tarek from the artist Omar Sharif.

The “Libon” building, in which Faten Hamama’s apartment is sold, is the building of the stars, and the stars of Egypt in the forties, fifties and even the sixties have a lot of memories. The eighth floor, and Laila Fawzy and her radio husband, Jalal Moawad, on the third floor, and Samia Gamal also on the third floor to avoid the elevator malfunctions that Faten Hamama was always located in.

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