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A simple saliva test can save thousands of young women from being a 'female killer'

A simple saliva test can save thousands of young women from being a ‘female killer’

This test can identify half of the women at risk of developing breast cancer in the next decade, and because it helps diagnose cancer by the age of 50, they are at high genetic risk for breast cancer and are currently unable to. To do a mammogram ..

The study focused on saliva testing, which was conducted on approximately 2,500 women at high risk of developing breast cancer. Of the women who were followed for an average of ten years, 644 developed breast cancer.

The test used, along with women’s medical information and biographies and their breast density, accurately predicted the risk of less than 50 percent of those who develop breast cancer.

Professor Gareth Evans, who led the study at the University of Manchester, said: ‘If all these women took breast cancer vaccines, it would prevent breast cancer and save the lives of 2,000 women a year. Having a mammogram at high risk could save hundreds of lives a year. “

He noted that saliva testing is very important for women under 50 years of age.

Before qualifying for mammograms at age 50, researchers want to do a one-time genetic test for women under 30.

A saliva test is expected to cost around £ 250 in the UK, while breast cancer treatment could cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The UK National Screening Committee, which decides whether genetic testing should be available to all women, looks at saliva test results.