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A simple trick to check if the battery is charged.  It's almost like magic

A simple trick to check if the battery is charged. It’s almost like magic

When I wanted to know if the battery was still working, a simple trick worked. Fortunately, you don’t have to use it anymore. What is the best way to know if the flashlight is still working?

bounce trick

You can use the trick with classic pencil batteries that are used in toys, light bulbs, and many electronic devices. If a classic battery is discharged, its voltage drops. The easiest way to determine this is with a tester, but if you don’t have one, a flat table will do. You take the battery in your hand and put it on the table with the minus side facing the table top. Then you raise it a few centimeters in the air and drop it. It will either remain stationary, meaning it is still charged, or it will drop to a horizontal position – in which case it has very little power.

It is not applied every time

The theory has its flaws. Thanks to this trick, you can really distinguish between old and new batteries. A new battery won’t bounce at all, but a battery that’s half dead will have the most bounce. So you don’t really know how much power is left, but only whether it’s a new or old battery. The trick only works with cylindrical alkaline batteries. There is no point in trying it with rechargeable batteries based on a different principle.

Are there other ways?

You can try to use the compass. Put the battery on it and watch the arrow. You can identify a charged battery by the fact that the arrow will point to minus and white to positive. And if the needle continues to swing? Then the battery runs out and will be useless.

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How do you dispose of empty batteries?

Do you already have a whole warehouse of dead batteries at home? Usually they do not have a long life, and do not belong to ordinary waste. They should be stored in a resealable box, and it is advisable to take them every now and then to a collection point. Dead battery collection boxes are found in many places, often in schools and electronics stores. The most appropriate solution is to buy rechargeable batteries that you can charge and use frequently.

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