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A smart telescope that finds stars to explore the wonders of space

The telescope, which is a tubular optical instrument, is used to see distant objects and bring them closer, and therefore it is mainly used in astronomy To see the sky at night and observe the celestial bodies, collect the rays of the celestial bodies, analyze them and use them in astronomical studies, and for this reason it has been the focus of attention of scientists since ancient times, and also at the present time.

A smart telescope that overcomes light pollution

In this regard, the company Unistellar revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas 2023, about telescope Intelligent able to overcome light pollution to reveal the wonders of the universe to anyone.

Features of the new telescope

According to TechRadar, the new eQuinox 2 is a 400x telescope, upgraded from the original model with a better image sensor and wider field of view, that has no discernible knobs or user controls.

The associated app (on a phone or tablet) can be used to control the motorized telescope.

On a tablet, the Orion Nebula can be identified, and the smart telescope uses your phone’s GPS to figure out where it is on Earth and where to aim the optics.

The eQuinox 2 also uses Smart Light Pollution Reduction, an artificial intelligence and algorithm-based system that digitally corrects images to remove traces of light pollution.

The telescope is suitable for amateurs

The app for the smart telescope comes preloaded with 500 celestial objects and a suggestion to find more, but the telescope will not be manually set to find them, as the eQuinox 2 is 100% app controlled, which makes it suitable for amateurs, but perhaps not for astronomers.

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And Unistellar indicated that the eQuinox 2 telescope is now available via pre-order for $ 2,499 (2,499 euros in Europe) and ships in early 2023 AD.

Define a telescope

The telescope is a tubular optical instrument used to see distant objects. The ancients used lenses in designing telescopes, but modern science used mirrors in the installation of modern telescopes due to their light weight, ease of installation, and efficient performance. The larger the mirrors and lenses, the more efficient the telescope, as it enables its user to see faint objects. And very far.

It is reported that Galileo Galilei was one of the first to experiment with telescopes in 1906, and then, after understanding the idea, he built his own development telescope on the telescope (Danish Perspective Glass) that he used, as he later presented his own innovation to the scientists of his time in Venice.

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