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A source close to the Iran team in the Vienna talks: We will enter into the content of the agreement in the new round

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Vienna talks

A source close to the Iranian negotiating team in the Vienna talks confirmed that the eighth round of negotiations will discuss major issues, indicating that Tehran will make efforts to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

In a statement to the agency, the source said:Tasneem“After agreeing on the mechanism and agenda (of the agreement) in the previous round, we will now enter into a discussion of the content.”

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Iranian official: There is hope for an agreement during the next round of Vienna negotiations

“If the other parties are ready to focus on the content, we can move forward,” he added, noting that Tehran is participating in the negotiations with full force, and will remain in Vienna as long as there is a need.

He stressed that his country “is committed to reaching a good agreement in the shortest possible time,” adding: “However, we will not be constrained by artificial deadlines, and those deadlines will not lead us to ignore our red lines.”

He pointed out that “there is no urgent need for Tehran in the talks.”

He explained that “the progress made in the text related to the nuclear field in the previous round indicates well that Iran participated seriously and showed enough flexibility.”

He stressed that “the time has come for the other parties to show their goodwill regarding the sanctions (imposed on Tehran),” noting that “the progress in this round depends on their approach.”

Regarding France’s criticism, the source said: “We will not judge now. We will wait to see if Paris has a role (maker or destroyer) for the deal in the eighth round.”

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Source: “Tasnim”