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A space rock will hit the Earth today and divide it in half… What’s the story?

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Users of social networks circulated posts talking about the collision of the Earth with a space object, which is usually attributed to the US space agency, NASA, and it is one of the news that aims to frighten users of social networks, and it has no effect on credible sites nor on NASA, which has previously denied Similar allegations, according to Al-Hurra TV website.

One of these posts shows a picture of what appears to be a large rock in space heading towards Earth, and was accompanied by a comment, “A space rock will collide with Earth on Saturday, splitting the Earth in half.”

This post was widely circulated on Wednesday, which means Saturday, May 21st.

After verifying the authenticity of the publication, it was found to be incorrect, and it is one of the news that aims to intimidate users of social networks, and it has no effect on credible sites or on NASA, which has previously denied similar allegations, according to the Al Hurra channel website.

And the platform “Fi Mizan Agence France Presse” explained that to confirm the falseness of these publications, you can visit the Sentry website, which specializes in observing asteroids of NASA, and it displays all the information about the path of asteroids near the Earth, their size, speed, and the dates they approach our planet.

Scientists specializing in observing near-Earth objects stress that there is no similar danger in the next 100 years.

Asteroids are rocky bodies with a diameter ranging from a few meters to several kilometers, and the largest bodies are called dwarf planets, and the largest of them are planets.

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Scientists at the American Space Agency say that the frequency of an asteroid the size of a football field hitting the Earth is approximately once every two thousand years, which may cause destruction in the area of ​​its impact and its surroundings. The last time was 66 million years ago.

In the past years, the scientific community has redoubled its efforts to count the bodies that swim near the Earth, and whose orbit can intersect with the Earth’s orbit and collide with it.