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A space telescope monitors the "only moon with seasonal weather patterns"

A space telescope monitors the “only moon with seasonal weather patterns”

And the”Titan“He is bigger Saturn’s moonsIt is the only moon known to have a dense atmosphere. It is characterized by electrically charged sand, and lagoons flowing in it methaneIt’s foggy, but a telescope.”James WebbAlien (JWST)He discovered that Titan also has seasonal weather patterns..

And astronomers announced, Thursday, that the telescope “monitored bright spots in the northern hemisphere of Titan, which are large clouds, confirming the predictions of a computer model, which showed clouds in late summer, when the surface temperature rises due to the sun.

And you weren’t seen the clouds Before because of the thick haze in Titan’s atmosphere, which obscures the visible light reflected from the surface, but the telescope features infrared rays, which are able to penetrate the smog..

This discovery means that “Titan is the only moon in Solar System seasonal weather patterns, which is possible because it contains Atmosphere necessary,” according to the British “Daily Mail” website.

Previous research shared in April found that “Titan is surprisingly Earth-like in terms of landscape formations, with its dark-colored land and sand dunes.”.

It features the moon Also with rivers, lakes and seas full of falling rain – although the rain is liquid methane, it falls through winds nitrogen.

Scientists have long believed that Titan was unique compared to other moons in the solar system, and recent research has proven that their theories could be correct..

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