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A splash of funny ideals.. Ramadan series, co-production between Syrians and Lebanese

We only lacked the joint Lebanese-Syrian soap operas to enter the line and ghost us, invent lies about the revolution and seek to polish Bashar’s chemical regime.

The series (Fire with Fire) written by the Syrian Rami Koussa, directed by the Syrian / Kurdish Muhammad Abdel Aziz, and starring a group of Syrian and Lebanese actors, without a doubt, the wonderful Karis Bashar sits on top of all of them, as it deals with the Syrian displacement to Lebanon, through unpleasant parasitic models embodied by (Imran / Abed Fahd) the greedy usurer, who extends his power over one of the poor neighborhoods of Beirut, and exhausts the people of the entire neighborhood with usury debts,

Of course, we will not talk about the image of the Syrian in the series, nor about how when this greedy Syrian disagrees with the educated Lebanese, the police station takes sides against the Lebanese citizen and imprisons him unjustly after the police officers get what he deserves from this stinking Syrian. We can put all of this on the sidelines, with the splash of Lebanese ideals similar to the Alawite ideals in the series (Assi Al-Zind), which makes the old Lebanese calligrapher, for example, refuse to plan a painting preventing Syrians from roaming because the story is a story of principle for him..but the essence is slander and lies in what It is related to the Syrian reality during the revolution. The husband of one of the women of Ghouta, who disappeared, is found while his wife is in Lebanon about to apply for asylum in Germany. The funny thing is that they find him at the Amshat faction. It is known that the al-Amshat faction was not present in Ghouta on any of the days, but rather it was established after the displacement of the people of Ghouta and the regime’s control over it, and it practices its blasphemy in the north only. The strangest thing is that his wife wants to go to the government and the Ministry of Interior of the regime (which bombed Ghouta with chemicals), and to the Syrian Red Crescent, and that they are the ones who are expected to negotiate with al-Amshat for the release of one of the people from Ghouta, as they did with the released son of his region who reported his presence alive.

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The regime that arrested hundreds of thousands of Syrians, including entire families, and tens of thousands of children and women who were raped, tortured, and languishing in dark cells without an iota of mercy or humanity, will negotiate with the factions and for whom? One of the people of Ghouta, who is not ignorant of the sectarian regime’s view of them, and the reprisals they were subjected to at its hands after it took control of Eastern Ghouta again in the winter of 2018

(Al-Nar.. Al-Nar) is produced by the Shiite Lebanese Al-Dabbah company, which is close to Hezbollah, and is supported by MBC, which donates Saudi money as an executive producer.. The funny thing is that this company formed a writing workshop that drafted the dialogue for this series whose story was written by Rami Koussa, and called it ( Al-Sabah Writing Workshop) as stated in the series’ badge. It is not excluded that these cheap lies are the creativity of the morning writing workshop.

Fire with fire is a series of lies, fabricated facts, and filth wrought artistically with skill, but without conscience.