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A spontaneous situation reveals Ben Affleck’s jealousy over Jennifer Lopez

Friday 12 May 2023 / 16:38

A cautious discussion that the audience was unable to enter into its details, was monitored by photographers’ lenses between the American actor Ben Affleck and his wife, actress and singer Jennifer Looper, during the premiere in Los Angeles of her new movie “The Mother” produced by Netflix.

But what was difficult for the masses to analyze was deciphered by a specialized “lip reader” of the newspaper.Daily MailBritish, stressing that there is no need for the couple to raise their voices loudly to understand the details of what they are saying. Although they seemed frustrated and angry at times, they were having a very normal discussion between a jealous man and a liberal woman.

The expert, whose name was not mentioned by the newspaper, said that by reading the pictures and videos of the details of the lip movements, it became clear that Lopez was tense, so she moved towards Affleck, asking him if the sequined clothes she was wearing showed many details of her body, which prompted him to respond that the matter is as it is. It’s fine, but it’s very bold and reveals a lot.

And there are only moments – according to the expert – until it appears as if Ben is asking Jennifer to approach him, to cover her in his arms, repeating, “Don’t worry, my love.” He replied: “Come closer to me.” After taking pictures, he turned to her and asked her if it was her tension. It may be gone, and he accepted it, confirming that the matter had gone well, but hoping that it would not be repeated.

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Some commentators analyzed that Ben seemed angry and miserable as well, because he was jealous of his personal life, which the paparazzi lost its privacy, especially after rumors of problems between them after a similar spontaneous situation between them during their attendance at the Grammy Awards last February.