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A state photographer reveals to CNN what it means to work close to the Queen of Britain and what people do not know about her.

A state photographer reveals to CNN what it means to work close to the Queen of Britain and what people do not know about her.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – As the long weekend of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations approaches, the royal family has mastered the craft of stunning their fans, so the show runs parallel to everything before it despite the two. The epidemic has been in a state of uncertainty for years.

Celebrations include lanterns, street performances, parades and parties on the streets, and a concert with art stars taking place inside Buckingham Palace.

The Platinum Jubilee event of the Queen to the throne of the United Kingdom, is certainly designed to be remembered. The Queen is preparing for the event from her home in Palmoral, Scotland, where she will rest shortly before the historic weekend.

On this occasion, CNN thought it would be interesting to meet someone who has spent decades documenting some of the most important historical moments of the Queen’s reign.

As the Royal Photographer of Shutterstock, Tim Rock has had the unique opportunity to follow the movements of the Windsor family around the world and to see first-hand the duties of the royal family.

CNN: How did you get into the world of Royal Photography? Did you seek it?

Tim Rocky: From the beginning of my career in this profession, I was fascinated by the role of the Royal Photographer because it combines two of my favorite things: photography and travel. I have been working as the Royal Photographer of Shutterstock since 1991, but have been photographing members of the royal family for many years now. My work to photograph some of the most important moments in British history makes me grateful and I have access to witness to them. This is what makes my career special every day.

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CNN: You have traveled extensively during your mission and documented some of the historical moments of the Queen’s reign. How did that sound to you?

Tim Rocky: Being close to the Queen is a surreal experience. Being able to catch her in intense and spontaneous moments is something very few people in their lives can do. In my opinion, there is no one more famous in the world than the Empress. People all over the world will be fascinated by your every move and it is my responsibility to capture those special moments so that the media can share them.

It’s important for me to reveal her true personality, which is why I’m so happy when I see her smiling or interacting with the audience. What impressed me about the royal family was how much people were impressed by their commitment, even though they came back year after year. I do not care about the regularity of events, but there are a lot of mysteries in the royal family.

CNN: Do you have any favorite photos of the queen you took?

Tim Rocky: I think two photos are great, but I look forward to adding more to my collection!

Joy arises when he visits the Royal Windsor Horse Show, plain_textdebt: Tim Rook / Shutterstock

I have always found that the easiest place to photograph the Queen being relaxed and smiling is when she is near her horses. Take hundreds of photos of her enjoying horse racing. Including this photo during the Royal Windsor Horse Show this month. It is now rare to see the Queen participate in an event, even though the horse show takes place in the back garden (Windsor Castle grounds), and we only saw her one day when she went to the show to see her horses competing. . She was looking at some shows from the car with the window closed and appeared calm, happy and natural in her home setting. I’m glad I was able to show that interest in who she really is when she participates in these events!

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Tim Rocky for CNN
Queen Elizabeth, 12 June 2016, 12 June 2016, peeks from behind the curtain at Buckingham Palace while waiting for the shepherd’s lunch at a mall in central London.debt: Tim Rook / Shutterstock

I like this movie very much because I think it is a scene that everyone can enjoy. He was also one of a group of photographers he took while waiting for his pastor’s lunch at a mall in central London on his 90th birthday. The streets around Buckingham Palace were bustling before the big celebration began. You can see the Queen peeking out from behind the screen to see what’s going on. The curtain inside him shivered with joy, showing the majesty’s curiosity. I’m glad I was able to capture it because it was a natural moment. In other situations, I always look for the trick to get to the right place, making it look like the Queen is looking directly at the camera, but in fact she smiles at the person she greets or speaks to!

CNN: Did you spend too much time with the Queen?

Tim Rocky for CNN
Queen Elizabeth and her youngest son Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, plain_textdebt: Tim Rook / Shutterstock

Tim Rocky: The nature of my character does not allow me to form personal relationships with any member of the royal family, although I am often close to them. So, I think this ambiguity and unresolved expectation helps to capture some great pictures. As the Queen’s commitment to royal events declines, it is amazing to look back on the years of wonderful service she dedicated her life to.

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CNN: Finally, after you’ve been watching it for a long time, what’s one thing the public does not know?

Tim Rocky: She loves to laugh and giggle, and has a strong passion for horses. People often get nervous when they meet her because of the queen’s condition. However, it is interesting to see how he interacts with the audience during events, he always takes the time to talk to people, and you can feel that the person you are talking to is just them. She is highly respected by the professional and everyone who works with her.