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A step towards reconciliation between Britain and France.  Guernsey issued 40 fishing permits

A step towards reconciliation between Britain and France. Guernsey issued 40 fishing permits

Guernsey, on Wednesday, issued 40 French ships permits to fish in its waters. With reference to the management of the island, AFP reported this. If the administration of the island in the English Channel did not do this, then the French ships would have to withdraw from these waters by the end of January. The move in the negotiations was welcomed by France’s Minister of the Seas, Annick Girardin.

“In accordance with the licensing scheme announced in September, Guernsey (the department) today issued fishing licenses to 40 eligible vessels in the European Union under Article 502 of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement,” advertiser Al Jazeera management on the official Twitter. Then he wrote in a press release that he had obtained all the licenses issued French ships.

The conflict over fisheries between France and France Britain It exploded after Britain left the European Union. The two sides agreed at the time that European fishermen could continue to fish in British territorial waters if they could prove they had fished there before Brexit. However, according to France, the UK has very high bureaucratic requirements for the necessary documentation and rejects a large number of applications from French fishermen. The British reject this criticism.

A total of 58 ships placed orders to fish in the waters of Guernsey, part of the British Channel Islands. In addition to the newly approved 40, three ships will also be licensed to replace those that have left the French fleet, according to AFP.

Since the beginning of the year, the British side has issued about 1,000 allowances to French ships. Minister Girardin welcomed the move and said she still had 111 licenses to operate. A total of 52 of them relate to British territorial waters, and 59 to the waters of the island of Jersey.

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The European Commission recently called on London to settle its fisheries disputes with France by December 10 at the latest.

The islands of Jersey and Guernsey are located in the English Channel, about 40 and 20 kilometers from the French coast, respectively. They have more than 120 kilometers of British beaches, yet they are administratively located under the British Crown. About 90,000 people live in Jersey and about 65,000 people live in Guernsey.