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A stopping point between mind science and matter

A stopping point between mind science and matter

The alternatives to the philosophy of discussions, the axioms of thinking, and the predictions of reading for the near and far future, are no longer a difficult matter, or a matter of superstition, sorcery, and concerns about magic and the unseen, but rather what the human mind has created throughout the ages.

Human minds with a purely intellectual tendency, who went beyond the famous saying, between the blink of an eye and their attention, did not make mistakes, God changes from one condition to another.

Poetry and conversations among people are frequent and it is the miracle of God himself and his miracle in his creation. The human mind stood and challenged itself to believe what it denied yesterday in order to believe in it today, and those who lied about the Night Journey and the Ascension, or those who doubted it, that it needs far times and very advanced means spanning years or less to be at the level of belief, and this is in a time and place that may need faith only for ratification, It is impossible for the natural mind to believe him were it not for the fact that he is a prophet.

Today they have to stand helpless, silent and stunned in front of the fact that we have in our hands many uses of communication technology and its various cheap means, between the big and the small, doctors of medicine or economics and other global organizations can meet through space and even perform very complex and dangerous surgeries to change the course of A spacecraft and conversing with your peers, and in less than a second to the farthest point from the globe, thousands of miles travel through images and sound while you are in your place.

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A stage in the development of the human mind to levels beyond the perceptions we used to suspect and consider it nothing but a form of sorcery, magic and jinn science. Here we have to stop to investigate the truth of some who do not believe in the extent of predictions of the future that are written from imagination and become a reality that falls within the simulation of the hypothesis until it is imposed on us as it was in the beginnings of the Internet and means of communication.

“Mind, Science and Matter” is a victory for humanity in all times, past and present, and this is thanks to people who believe in the process of evolution and theories of pure thinking, free of all standards of myths and psychological states related to either ideas, beliefs, and affiliations that contradict reality and reason. By himself, given the structure and manufacture of this great universe, and we are in it only as small particles swimming in this universe that cannot be seen with the naked eye, leading to faith in this existence which is opposite to it what is greater than it and with many of the conclusions of the mind and beyond the images of mental thinking, which storms himself until he believes with its highly complex capabilities.

We almost despaired of competing for luxuries, until we began to share molecules among this world whose day and night the earth circles with browsers smaller than the size of the palm of the hand.

We are in conflict once with the self, and many times with people who are like us with the disease of fear, and whoever is afraid believes in safety. ?.

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These are stories and lessons imposed on us by reality and what is practiced, starting with the smallest administrative organizations or companies and major countries, and prove that when power falls into the hands of a weak or ignorant person, it becomes an existing organization that is commensurate and harmonizes with leaders who do not know the decision of legal and material development, as decoded by the artificial mind and belief in development.

These are not dreamers of a promising future except by showing some old good deeds to present them as a reward to settle some questioning souls and then start applauding, which is one of the biggest obstacles that we were previously suffering from in our scientific, practical and administrative career. I liked it, and we did not know that we were holding on to the tick itself because of faith, fearing the worst of it.

Rather, they themselves are the ones who offer fear and panic to convince of what it is now. If you carry the weights of ignorance in the science channel from here, it was the beginning of the disruption of the marches of management science, money, initiatives, innovations and money, adding productive value imposed in this era and in front of the transformation revolution in everything that would advance society with accelerated steps Forward, thanks to administrative leaders who are aware of future changes with the ability, will and desire.

They believe in the science behind development that the mind does not become lazy or dependent on the factor of the time of change with the passage of time, but rather it is the one who leads this with merit and negates the reliance on bodily works only so that thinking takes its place and position in horizontal and vertical expansion, and to make room for everyone and not to cheer and magnify those who have certificates and experiences only, and those who come out As for his devotee, he has ridiculed himself and walked in steps that resemble deliberate obstruction.

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He says: The philosopher Socrates: “The unemployed person is not only the one who does not perform a work, the unemployed person is the one who performs a work in his ability to perform better and better than it.” Themes of the past are just experiences of a temporal and spatial factor commensurate with the nature of those administrative, artistic or technical values ​​and the beginning of a promising future.

And what we enjoy today, from the top leaders to the smallest organization, with faith and firmness, to the paths of the wheel of change and intellectual development, which made the circle of knowledge, not from the knowledge of the unseen, but from the knowledge of this hour, and was predicted by an expert through studies of scientific systems and laws that refuse to rely on the factor of expertise that was not It is suitable for a time that needs the language of numbers and rapid movement before it is too late.

The anchors are only a resting point for this ship to complete the course, and the winds were not to change direction but to modify the course.