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A "stray plane" over Europe... a suspicious path and a tragic fate

A “stray plane” over Europe… a suspicious path and a tragic fate

suspicious track

• According to the “Flightradar 24” website, the aircraft registered in Austria It flies over Sherish in southern Spain, from where it took off at 1256 GMT, without having a specific destination.

• The plane turned twice, one over Paris and the other over Cologne, before heading directly towards the Baltic Sea and passing near the Swedish island of Gotland.

• Tracking devices detected by 1737 GMT, the plane lost its speed and altitude sharply.

Tragedy details

A spokesperson for the Swedish Rescue Service said: “We have learned that the plane crashed (in the ocean) northwest of the town of Ventspils in Latvia. It just disappeared from the radar screens.”

Johan Wallstrom of the Swedish Maritime Administration said that Germany and Denmark had sent warplanes earlier to search for the plane as it passed through the airspace of the two countries, but they were unable to communicate with the pilot.

“They (the pilots) could not see anyone in the cockpit,” he added.

The German newspaper “Bild” reported that the pilot, a man, a woman and a person who said he was their daughter, were on the plane, without mentioning the source of this information.

A Lithuanian Air Force spokesman said an Air Force helicopter had been sent to the crash site to search for passengers, at the request of neighboring Latvia, and the latter also said it had sent ships to the scene.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Lithuanian Air Force told “Reuters” that NATO fighters took off earlier to track the plane, without providing further details.

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It was not known why the plane deviated from its course, and no human remains were found at the site of the crash.