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A strong storm hit Sicily, at least two people died

A strong storm hit Sicily, at least two people died

Misericordia volunteers, helping police and firefighters, said they found the body of a man under a car in the town of Gravina, north of Catania, which the current appears to have brought there. The police confirmed the case. A 67-year-old man was killed on Monday when a car collided with torrents of water and mud. His wife is still missing.

In central Catania, electricity supplies were cut off and shops were flooded. Mayor Salvo Pugliese urged residents on Facebook to not leave their homes unless necessary.

Water also reached a ward of the local hospital.

A spokesman for the fire brigade said the situation was critical and there was no sign of improvement.

According to meteorologists, Sicily and Calabria were subjected to a medic, that is, a great pressure under the Mediterranean. The sea temperature is eight degrees higher than average at this time of year. Bad weather is expected to peak on Thursday or Friday.

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