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A struggle in space, starring Raven and “Dron”

There is no doubt that getting our food with the click of a button without having to go to the supermarket is fun, and it can be even more fun for delivery agencies to use remotely piloted planes to drop food on our doorstep. But the air delivery process may encounter some obstacles sometimes, if there are swarms of black crows in the air.

Recently, a video clip filmed in Canberra, the capital of Australia, showed a heated fight in the air between a black crow and a delivery drone. In the video, the drone can be seen hovering in the sky before a crow chases it and starts clicking the plane furiously, as we see it swaying before a parcel drops from it.

According to the Indian network, NDTV, the video was filmed by a person who was waiting for his order via air delivery, and he recorded the entire scene and uploaded it to YouTube. It quickly spread and attracted many comments, with one bird advocate writing: “Humans bother birds this way too and don’t leave space for birds to fly,” while another joked about the delivered package, writing: “Here is your coffee shake.”


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