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Francis Fukuyama

A study of the results of the Digin Steel Platt for political scientist Fukuyama. More than economics, politics wants people for dignity

When I wrote about the end of the DJs ten decades ago, I did not think anything would happen, but that liberal democracy proved to be a very effective wall. Slovak SME It has not changed yet due to an interview with SME political scientist Francis Fukuyama.

According to Fukuyama, many events driven by politics are not economic, but want to recognize, speak and remember German Nazism or contemporary Russia in the 1930s.

Decades after the article was published and the book on the end of the Jew, it is often said that the prophecy was not fulfilled. Do you think people will never understand how you thought your opinion?

It will happen. The current situation is very different from 1989 when I published the link. At that time, there was a wave of democratization and the number of democracies in the world was growing rapidly. A few months later, Berlin fell, thanks to which Slovakia also took a democratic path and gave up the communist country. We are now in a period of democratic nonsense, the number of democracies has been declining over the last fifteen years, and the situation has been exacerbated by an epidemic. Governments used the epidemic to remind them of their powers.

So reject the claim that your predictions did not come true?

Digin’s decision is not a foretaste of his global politics. We have lived in progress and modernization, I have been a Marxist for 150 years and at the end of the day will be a form of communist society. I argued that this did not happen, and that I did not see a kind of civilization to transform liberal democracy.

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