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Zdravotníci ve Wu-chanu převážejí pacienta s koronavirem.

A study shows that Covid appeared in Asia 25,000 years ago. Scientists have found evidence

When the Corona virus began spreading in China nearly a year and a half ago, scientists announced, after examining cases, to the world that they were about to spread a new disease pandemic. However, the current findings of American scientists, who presented a week ago at an online conference of the American Society of Physical Anthropologists, indicate that an ancient Corona virus or a very similar pathogen caused a similar epidemic in East Asia twenty thousand years ago.

According to Science News, the discovery may help scientists understand how genes linked to ancient epidemics contribute to modern disease outbreaks and development, such as Covid-19. “Likewise, these genes could help scientists develop more effective drugs,” al-Khadim wrote, “although this will still need to be proven.”

The research team obtained the results by examining DNA from a publicly available database. The samples were presented there by more than two and a half thousand people from twenty-six ethnic groups around the world. The team initially focused on 420 proteins known to interact with coronaviruses. Including those that interact with the SARS Cov-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, “said Science News.

The reactions range from strengthening immunity to fighting disease to facilitating the process by which the virus attacks a cell. A significant increase in the production of all proteins, a sign of previous clashes with coronavirus-like epidemics, has only occurred in people from East Asia. And they’ve stored it in DNA for a really long time.

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“DNA analysis of more than 2,000 people showed that genetic changes have accumulated over more than 20,000 years,” said David Enard, a member of the research team at the University of Arizona, Evolutionary Genetics in Tuscon. The ancestors of ancient people have the ability to adapt to the Corona virus. Or related viruses.

Adapted genetically better

As Louis Quintana Murcy of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, who was not a member of the research team, told Science News, the new study results indicate that East Asians have long suffered from coronavirus-like epidemics and are more genetically adapted to them. With them.

The genes in the current research showed that different types of corona virus began to appear repeatedly about twenty-five thousand years ago, and then became common five thousand years ago. “This pattern corresponds to the very strong original genetic response to the virus, which declined over time because people either adapted to the virus or lost the ability to cause it,” Enard said.

According to Quintana-Murci, even similar results may explain why some Asian countries have been able to handle the current pandemic better than, for example, the United States or Europe. At the same time, however, he acknowledged that similar conclusions have not yet been proven and measures to combat Coronavirus may also have played a major role.

For example, China came back to life before the coronavirus pandemic late last year, at a time when Europe and the United States were still fighting the Coronavirus and the people of those countries had to come to terms with drastic measures. According to experts contacted by Business Insider, China has managed the epidemic with a clear testing and lockdown system. According to them, the United States of America and European countries have so far communicated confusingly, the lockdowns have been diversely strict, and the countries lacked previous experience in managing epidemics.

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