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A surprising step... Al-Sadr gives his opponents the opportunity to form an Iraqi government

A surprising step… Al-Sadr gives his opponents the opportunity to form an Iraqi government

Come step the chest The suddenness against the backdrop of the continuing political stalemate in Iraq, five months after the general elections.

Al-Sadr’s offer came in a tweet in which he also called on his followers not to interfere “positively or passively” while his rivals, the Coordinating Framework Forces, an alliance of Iran-backed Shiite parties, are trying to form a government together.

It has arrived Iraqi political parties to a dead end, while Sadr – the winner of the elections – was unable to form a coalition government. Al-Sadr attacked his opponents, saying that they “obstructed the process and are still obstructing it.”

The two sides differ over the selection of the candidate for the post of president, an obstacle that may also extend to the premiership.

It is also not clear which party constitutes the largest bloc in parliament, due to the unclear and shifting loyalties of some lawmakers and parties.

The 40-day window presented by Al-Sadr will start on the first day of Ramadan, and is expected to start next Saturday.

Farhad Alaeddin, head of the Iraq Advisory Council, a policy research institute, tweeted that this development was a “clear and bold challenge” for its competitors while it was a “test for partners”.

Al-Sadr won the largest number of seats in the elections, but not enough to declare a parliamentary majority.

Iran-aligned parties, including those affiliated with the former prime minister, became Nouri al-Malikihis main competitors.

And the parliament session, last Saturday, failed to reach the two-thirds quorum necessary to elect a president. It has been largely boycotted by lawmakers associated with the coordinating framework forces.

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