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A Syrian artist fulfills Shukran Murtaja's old dream of "marrying him"!

A Syrian artist fulfills Shukran Murtaja’s old dream of “marrying him”!

Syrian artist Ayman Zidan returns to comedy again with a television show that will be shown next Ramadan, with the starring actress Shukran Murtaja.

Zidan revealed, in an interview with the ET Arabic program, that the series bears the name “The Three Musketeers” and presents a special and nice comic experience. Zaidan added that the story of the new Ramadan series revolves around “a funny issue about three knights who have reached retirement age, and they want, in one way or another, to rehabilitate themselves.”

The Syrian artist stressed that this type of series feels as if his presence has become a necessity, describing his new series as “close to injuring simple people,” as he put it.

Shukran Murtaja presents the personality of Ayman Zaidan’s wife, “Umm Imad” and “Abu Emad”, who are governed by a relationship of “discontent and permanent disagreements”, according to what Ayman Zaidan said.

Zidane hinted at the state of contention that will be the focus of the series with Shukran Murtaja, and added, “I rejoice in its presence because I feel that it is one of the comic energies that must not be absent and must always be present, and I hope to get with her to a nice place.”

I feel a lot of nostalgia, and now when the series is implemented after an absence of more than 7 years, it has become a painful comedy that addresses basic and important problems, and is an attempt to defend simple people in a funny way, and we hope that this experience will achieve the desired goal.

For her part, the artist Shukran revealed that Ayman Zidan achieved two dreams for her in this series, which she returns to comedy after years of absence, which brought her great happiness.

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She said that her first dream was to return to participate in a comedy work with Ayman Zidan, in addition to her desire to marry him at work, a wish that she has been pursuing since the series “Jamil and Hana” in the nineties of the last century.

Shukran gave a glimpse of her role in the series, saying that her husband is busy with her life to secure her requirements and a livelihood, and she has two sons and a daughter, and the situations that will interfere with their lives will be reflected in their lives like any family living in Syria.

In turn, Ali Al-Moadhin, director of the series, said that the comic experience is more difficult than others, revealing that the series includes 28 professional actors, including many young faces.

He pointed out that the harmony between the artist Ayman Zeidan and the text is very strong, and with the presence of the “Godfather of Comedy” (Ayman Zeidan), the situation was more comfortable.

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