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A taxi driver kidnapped a girl in Kuwait and drugged her, and after he took off her clothes to assault her, the shock that drove him crazy

An Asian resident in Kuwait was kidnapped, robbed and stripped naked, by a driver who beat her and pulled her phone before he drugged her.

This happened weeks ago between the Al-Nahda area and the eastern Doha chalets, in the areas of the Capital Governorate in Kuwait, where the resident named Kumari lost consciousness.

She woke up naked, and it was not clear whether she had been sexually assaulted or not.

After the victim stopped a taxi in the Al-Nahda area, to take her to the Doha area, but on the way she was beaten. He pulled out her mobile phone, before she was drugged by the driver.

The case was registered as a criminal case under the name of kidnapping in a police station northwest of Sulaibikhat, and the detectives are investigating and looking for cameras in the first location. abstract clothes

In the details, as reported by Al-Rai newspaper, a security source said that a Kuwaiti citizen received a report from the operations room of the Ministry of Interior. He reports that he saw a woman in the Doha Chalets area, walking aimlessly.

When the citizen asked about the condition of the woman, she claimed that she had been kidnapped, so the report was directed to the police station northwest of Sulaibikhat, where a patrol moved to the place.

When the patrol agents arrived at the site, they found the whistleblower, and next to him was the woman, who turned out to be called Kumari, who is without identification. hit and kidnapped

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In the initial investigation with her, Kumari claimed that she was in the Al-Nahda area, where she had stopped a taxi whose data she did not know to take her to the Doha area. And when it rises.

The taxi driver beat her and took the mobile phone from her, before putting a tissue on her face, and she lost consciousness, and when she woke up, she was surprised that she was on the ground and stripped of her clothes.