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A truce in danger?  The Temple Mount reports clashes between Palestinians and police

A truce in danger? The Temple Mount reports clashes between Palestinians and police

According to Agence France-Presse, Palestinians met again with Israeli police officers at the Temple Mount on Friday after noon prayers. Doron Turgmann, Jerusalem District Police Chief, ordered the police to enter the building and “look after” the rioters.

As in previous cases, Palestinians threw stones at Israelis. The Israeli wrote that security forces have been bombed with means used by law enforcement, including grenades and rubber bullets. The Jerusalem Post.

The Palestinian media and the Red Crescent reported that 20 Palestinians were injured during the clashes, and nine people were said to have been arrested.

On Friday, Hamas declared a Day of Rage in Jerusalem. Palestinians gathered on the Temple Mount to celebrate the ceasefire, which has been in effect since 1 a.m. on Friday and the fighting between the Palestinian Hamas movement and Israel ended 11 days later. As shown in the opening video, thousands of Palestinians set off fireworks at the holy site, waving Palestinian flags and celebrating “the victory over Israel.”

Other clashes were also reported in Hebron, Nablus, and elsewhere in Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Police have reinforced their forces in the city, with a focus on the eastern part, due to fears of further unrest. The security forces were deployed in a number of neighborhoods, where the police searched all incoming and outgoing vehicles.

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