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A turning point in Le Pen's speech .. "banning the veil" is no longer a top priority

A turning point in Le Pen’s speech .. “banning the veil” is no longer a top priority

And on Saturday, she said Marine Le Pen Who will face the outgoing president Emmanuel Macron In the second session next Sunday, the veil is a “complex problem”, stressing that it is not “limited in thinking” and that this controversial draft ban will be discussed in the National Assembly.

In response to a question about this change in the situation, its spokesman, Sebastian Shawneau, explained to BFMTV channel, Sunday, that in the context of efforts aimed at confronting what he described as “Islamic fanaticism”, the ban comes hijab In public places after containing “Salafism and the funding directed to it.”

He said that if Marine Le Pen is elected to take over the presidency next Sunday, she will assign Parliament to determine the details of this issue, noting that “Parliament will take over this issue and provide practical solutions so that, for example, a woman in her seventies who has been wearing the headscarf for years is not affected by this measure. She is not the target party. We are targeting Islamist militants.”

“The veil will be banned in all public buildings and administrations, and we will, of course, also allow company managers to ban political-religious manifestations,” Jordan Bardella, vice president of the National Rally led by Le Pen, in turn, told France Inter.

He said that banning the headscarf is “the long-term goal”, with a distinction between “the veil of French women who came from the waves of immigration in the sixties and seventies…and the veil, which today has become a pressure card in the hands of Islamic militants and a denial of equality between men and women.”

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The mayor of Perpignan (southern France) Louis Alliot, who in turn belongs to the “National Rally”, explained in another radio episode that the essence of the law requires the protection of women who are subject to “family, social or sectarian” pressures.

The issue of the headscarf ban returned to the fore during the election campaign, while the two contenders in the presidential race are on opposite sides of the issue. While Le Pen calls for a ban on the headscarf in public places, Macron sticks to the need to defend religious freedoms.

Between five and six million Muslims live in France, according to various statistics, which makes Islam the second major religion in the country and one of France’s largest Muslims in Europe.