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A unified tweet for Saudi channels against Amal Maher... and accusations of Turki Al-Sheikh

A unified tweet for Saudi channels against Amal Maher… and accusations of Turki Al-Sheikh

The tweeters described what famous Saudi platforms and channels did, on Friday evening, as a “media fallout”, and attributed it to the head of the Entertainment Authority. Turki Al SheikhIn conjunction with the Egyptian artist’s concert Amal maher The first in three years, which the Egyptians received with a standing ovation. This warm welcome came after a violent campaign launched by Egyptians and Arabs in recent weeks against the Al-Sheikh family, which amounted to accusing Al-Sheikh of kidnapping Maher.

The platforms that participated in the campaign at Amal Maher’s concert included “Rotana” channels with its seven platforms, as well as “Al Arabiya” channels and the LBC satellite channel of the “Rotana” group (not related to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International), and the account of the “Arab Wood” program. And a unified tweet published by all these platforms stated, “The first appearance in 3 years… Maher’s hopes clash with her fans at the El Alamein concert.”

The tweeters likened what the Saudi platforms had done to the performance of the Egyptian regime’s arms and battalions, in distorting the singer’s name and her concert, which was supervised by the “My Ticket” company, owned by the Egyptian General Intelligence, and gave the Egyptians the impression of a victory over the Sheikh family, who was reported to have liquidated all his works in Egypt, coinciding with Maher’s return and the announcement of her concert in the city of El Alamein in northern Egypt.

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And support for the hypothesis of controversy between the Al-Sheikh family and Sisi’s apparatus, its use since the days of his electronic battalions, and the launch of a hashtag that was imposed on the top of the list of the most frequently traded in the name of #intelligence_blackmail_Turkish, supported by dozens of newly created Saudi accounts. It is backed by significant funding.

Khaled Obaid wrote: “On the way Sisi’s electronic committees spread lies and insult Egyptian opponents… The Saudi entertainment official and the ex-husband are attacking ‎#Amal_Maher through his media platforms, using the Saudi people’s money in a personal dispute against ‎#Amal_Maher.

Amira Abu Shahba was astonished by the participation of Crotana Cinema channels in the campaign, and she tweeted: “Even Rotana Cinema is talking about a party and drafting a piece of news distributed by Turki Al-Sheikh’s committees! All Saudi media are now involved in the biggest revenge comedy for a teenager who was rejected by a woman. Personally, I have never seen news about A concert by a singer with ZD details on any channel or website… An imagined level of anger reached Finn… All of this is an attack directed against ‎#Amal_Maher.

Regarding the comparisons between the way the Saudi and Egyptian media are managed, Muhammad Ali Musa said: “The performance of the Saudi media institutions in the story of Amal Maher tells you that this Saudi modernization model has indeed gone to the Egyptian model, even without transgressing the state of prosperity of the Egyptian model, which was for short periods. I mean, because the group that is suffocating over the one who preceded the other.”

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The poet Marwa Mamoun attacked the Sheikh’s behavior and considered it offensive to the two peoples, and said: “The fault of the one who will shake the status of a great country in the hearts of a great people with his childish behavior.”

Blogger Zenobia mocked Al Arabiya’s participation, and said: “The first appearance in 3 years… Amal Maher collides with her fans at the El Alamein party.. Al-Arabiya, oh children too!!”, and a BBC Arabic correspondent, Sally Nabil, replied: “She is originally She needs her name to clash with her audience! Ok, so they write an Arab Selim I.”