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A very cool feature. Read your message on WhatsApp from notifications without the sender knowing

Hurry up and learn about the unique feature, as WhatsApp launched the favorite messaging application for many users of messaging applications and the most common in the world, a very beautiful feature. Learn about it through my article and from my favorite Thaqafni website, where WhatsApp experts provided a modern feature in the application that can help you read messages without Sender flag. WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app, has released a new beta update on Apple iOS, which brings new features. For users using iPhone messaging services, as some websites advertise. Focus on this technology, this feature will help update the instant messaging application for users on the iPhone, and interact with notifications in the WhatsApp application, and users of the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS will be able to see the topic in detail via the redesign The list of notifications sends the message received to the chat without reading it in The application, and without embarrassment from the sender if you do not want to read his messages.

Very cool feature, read your message on WhatsApp from notifications without the sender knowing علم

Redesigned iPhone WhatsApp notifications list:

This new feature has been waiting for a lot of WhatsApp users because the latest WhatsApp feature provides an efficient way for iPhone users to view messages quickly, but it will also allow them to read messages without the sender knowing that they have read them. For example, a hidden message for the service function, a professional site mentioned that WhatsApp recently released the beta version of the app in the App Store.This beta update will introduce a modern way to interact with in-app notifications. On the instant messaging platform, users will be able to view more detailed information about chats from the iPhone notification menu.

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Read WhatsApp messages from the notification list without the sender knowing:

It is worth noting that WhatsApp introduced the feature of reading messages without the sender’s knowledge, and the feature will be available to all WhatsApp users, and WhatsApp customers will be able to see the list of notifications that display chat content when they receive a recent message, and they will be able to read it without the sender knowing that it has been opened. Swipe up to view old chat messages where the owner has sent recent messages. Unlike the previous preview feature, users can only see recent messages in static cells, but the recent WhatsApp feature will allow you to view more messages and even media such as photos, GIFs, videos and stickers, starting with showing a full preview of the chat via notifications in the expanded app. Swipe up and down the recent view window to view older and newer messages, and users don’t need to enter chat to view media, so chatting with the sender will not eventually update. Even if the read receipt function is enabled, you will not get a blue tick. However, if the user rates the reply from the notification, all messages will be grayed out before turning blue when this feature is activated, WhatsApp users are satisfied with this feature, which Let them view and read your messages without the sender knowing.

Read and preview the chat without showing a tick to read it:

This feature makes you read your messages without embarrassing the sender and by expanding the in-app notification to show a full preview of the chat, where the user can swipe up and down in the new view window to see the oldest or most recent messages, and the user will not need to enter the chat to view the media, thus, The chat will not eventually refresh at the sender and you will not get the blue tick, even if the read receipts feature is on, however, if the user chooses to reply from within the notification, all previous messages will go with the gray tick turned blue, and by activating With this feature, WhatsApp users became happy with this feature because it relieved them of embarrassment to the sender of the chat and the justification that the message had not been seen yet, which makes them watch and read their messages without the knowledge of the sender and without embarrassment at all.