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A video circulated of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin "cleaning his shoulder" after Macron touched him

A video circulated of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin “cleaning his shoulder” after Macron touched him

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– A video clip spread on social media of Benin’s Foreign Minister Aurelien Agbenonsi with many comments claiming that the Foreign Minister was “cleaning his shoulder” after French President Emmanuel Macron touched him, which prompted Agbenonsi to respond and clarify.

Last Wednesday, the French president visited Benin as part of his tour of Africa, which also included Cameroon and Guinea Bissau. Macron pledged, at a press conference with Benin President Patrice Talon, to provide military equipment to Benin to support its efforts in the fight against terrorism.

In the video clip that spread on social media, Macron was standing with the President of Benin and his foreign minister, and Macron appeared to pat the foreign minister, who quickly shook his shoulder.

The video went viral, with many comments on social media claiming that Agbenonsi was cleaning his shoulder after Macron touched him.

In response to a tweet from someone who wrote that the movement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin aims to erase the symbol of supremacy imposed on him by Macron, Agbenonsi said: “Wrong… it is not. President Macron noticed a trace of dust on my jacket after the press conference. And my movement was to complete his friendly act. “.


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