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A video of a Turk kicking an elderly Syrian woman in the face... "All oppression is a picture"

A video of a Turk kicking an elderly Syrian woman in the face… “All oppression is a picture”

During the past hours, the Syrians were preoccupied with a video that showed a Turkish man kicking a Syrian elderly woman on the face in the city of Gaziantep south of the country.

This painful clip sparked a wave of anger on the communication sites, as comments poured out, considering that this scene sums up the amount of oppression Syrian refugees suffer, whether in Turkey or elsewhere.

Others saw that it is an individual behavior that does not necessarily mean that these behaviors are generalized, despite the suffering of a number of Syrians during the last period from hostile behavior by some Turkish citizens.


On the other hand, Daoud Gul issued a statement announcing the identification and detention of the assailant. He explained that the Syrian elderly woman was helped at her home, stressing that the authorities would not allow criminal acts. He also apologized to the woman, saying: “I’m sorry.”

He also added that the accused is a 39-year-old Turkish man named Şakir Şakir.

While the police data showed that the accused had a criminal record of 9 previous criminal records, including injury, incitement to prostitution and mediation, in addition to the complaint submitted by the 70-year-old Syrian woman, Laila Muhammad, after he assaulted her.

campaign against refugees

It is indicated that Turkey It hosts, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about 3.6 million registered Syrian refugees, and 320,000 of other nationalities.

However, the recent period witnessed a number of incidents that were described as racist against Syrians, amid the high unemployment rates in the country and the deteriorating economic conditions.

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While many observers expect that the issue of Syrian refugees will be a hot file in the presidential and parliamentary elections that the country will witness in the summer of next year (2023), especially since the opposition parties are trying from now to satisfy the voters who demand their deportation to their country in order to win their votes in those elections. It seems that the ruling party is also trying to satisfy its supporters who are angry at the recent presence of Syrians in their country, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced, a few days ago, that his government was preparing a project that would guarantee the return of about one million refugees to Syria.