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A video of the tragedy.. a historic Iraqi lake turns into a dirt road

A video of the tragedy.. a historic Iraqi lake turns into a dirt road

Many civil organizations and environmental activists spoke of drought the lakeIraqi social media networks and platforms are littered with photos and videos, indicating the scale of the disaster, and Iraqi media reports indicate that the lake It has dried almost completely.

And videos spread showing the complete drying of the lake, and its transformation into a dirt road, in which vehicles enter, in an environmental tragedy.

And to talk about the reality of what is happening, says the water expert, Ramadan Hamza, a member of the faculty and director of the Institutional Research Center of the University of Dohukin an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The drying up of natural and artificial lakes behind the Iraqi dams, which is increasing and successive, is not the result of the moment. Rather, there are many indications and introductions that warn of this drought, but without the Iraqi government moving a finger, or the Iraqi society moving towards a demand Corrects the path in which the water file is managed in Iraq“.

In the beginning, Hamza says, “It was with the drying up of the Rahaliya Oasis “Ain Shatha”, which was fed by the Euphrates River due to the lack of supplies from the river, and the lands of the middle Euphrates were damaged, and the silence was complete, followed by Lake Sawa without its drought having a little echo and passing unnoticed, and now a lake Hamrin, which was dependent on the waters of the Sirwan River Diyala, dried up because Iran made the river drainage in the Sirwan River zero, which led to a complete drought.

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And it will join the drought of these Iraqi lakes, according to Hamza, “Lake Habbaniyah, if preventive measures are not taken to limit the actions of the water-sharing countries, that is, Turkey and Iran, by negative and harmful control of the water supply to Iraq, and the recent dust storms that swept Iraq are but one of the warning samples The future will be even greater.”

In this context, environmental expert Ayman Haitham Qaddouri, a member of the Ecosystem Management Committee, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Unfortunately, the drying up of Hamrin Lake has become a reality, after it contained a reservoir estimated at 3 billion cubic meters, so what is left is thus From the lake currently is a small watercourse that represents Diyala RiverWhich used to feed this lake by supplying it with water from the Sirwan and Alwand rivers.

Accordingly, Qaduri adds: “All the circulating images that show the drying up of the lake are correct, in addition to videos posted of vehicles inside the lake and its dry bottom, which continued their journey towards the Diyala River.”