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"A view from Mars" .. Hurricane "Celia" turns the sky in Spain orange (video) |  Hurricane News

“A view from Mars” .. Hurricane “Celia” turns the sky in Spain orange (video) | Hurricane News

The storm (Celia) hit Spain from the heels of yesterday, lasting until Tuesday in some parts of the country.

Airlines have canceled flights to the Canary Islands today due to the arrival of the storm.

The storm – which carried dust from the Sahara desert – painted the sky orange, and the dust spread from the southeast to other islands. The meteorologist said the episode of fog, described as “extraordinary,” peaked on Tuesday.

He added that this would continue until Thursday and reach the UK and Germany.

And the Spanish newspaper (El Pais) glazed over all surfaces overnight, forming a muddy mess with dust after rain.

The newspaper compared the scene to “view of Mars” and quoted meteorologists as saying that the storm between Mars and Mercury would reach its maximum peak.

It can reach neighboring countries at low concentrations, but it can cause a decline in air quality and adversely affect health and reduce vision.

Yesterday, meteorologists warned of continuous rain and wind for up to 90 kilometers in the Canary Islands, with waves up to 5 meters high and occasional rain.

The Meteorological Agency recommended monitoring the updated forecasts and warnings, and after yesterday’s warning was in red, Malaga indicated an orange alert for flood danger, and warned of the largest concentrations in the western third of the region.

Proof : Al Jazeera Live + Social media + Spanish media

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