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A visit to Mars in "Dubai Summer Surprises"

A visit to Mars in “Dubai Summer Surprises”

Dubai: «The Gulf»
Al Khawaneej Walk announced the launch of the first educational summer camp for children on Mars, “First Kids on Mars”, in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and “Dubai Summer Surprises” of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, as it aims to provide an exceptional experience to explore space sciences. Through fun educational and educational activities.
The organization of the camp comes as an initiative to support the strategic directions of the UAE in this field, in order to enhance the building of a generation capable of adopting advanced technology and its technologies, with the aim of developing different solutions to future challenges.
The camp, available for children between 5 and 14 years old, provides an opportunity for children to learn about the vast space, the range of the solar system, gravity, the geology of Mars and the possibility of plant life on the planet. It will also take children on a quick trip to the Red Planet. The event will continue until August 28, daily from 4 pm to 10 pm.
The camp is also accompanied by an interactive exhibition to celebrate the work and creative skills of the participating children, such as building and operating Earth observation satellites, including the “KhalifaSat” manufactured by Emirati hands. Kids can participate in exclusive competitions every weekend to win astronaut outfits and an educational encyclopedia from the Space Center.
mission to space
Before starting their journey through space, children’s astronauts will learn about the main components of the solar system group, and how gravity affects their weight on other planets, and then they will move to learn about the space launch pad, which contains a set of buttons, including the big red button through which The countdown to the launch of the space flight to Mars begins.
take off
To simulate the launch phase into space, children will dress up as astronauts and board a spaceship on a journey 560,000,000 kilometers from Mars in an atmosphere that simulates the countdown to launch of the craft using sound effects, making their journey to the other planet more vivid and realistic.
Once on the surface of Mars, children will be able to learn about the Curiosity rover, a rover that landed on Mars in 2012 to study plants, and the possibility of life or the availability of water on the surface of the Red Planet. Young explorers will also experience, through an experiment offered by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, the UAE’s latest space mission, the Emirati Moon Explorer.
Mars Base event
The Mars Base camp includes a domed plant lab, where children learn the concept of soil reclamation and the steps that must be taken so that humans can live on Mars. During this space flight, the guide supervising the experiment will show the children how the “Curiosity” probe analyzes rocks in an attempt to find evidence of life and water on Mars.
Like real astronauts, the kids will then plant the flag of the “first kids on Mars” and take unforgettable photos.

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