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A week through the eyes of Peter Schwartz: He just doesn't know it, he knows it ... and everyone together has the power

A week through the eyes of Peter Schwartz: He just doesn’t know it, he knows it … and everyone together has the power

Before the government got it right, Deputy Prime Minister Havlicek advised the Tatras to “consult” in the open salons.

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The government has repeatedly emphasized that its priority is to get pupils and students back in school, and thus will open a restaurant garden a week before high school and college. To prevent students and other youth from staying there, the government initially banned Wi-Fi and music – it allowed wifi again, acknowledging that hoteliers could not check vaccinations, negative tests, or covid certificates, so gardeners would have to show sanitation experts and Police officers threaten to pay a fine to see if they will be able to find the ability to search.

Organizers of foreign cultural events that have already been approved should verify these assurances with visitors, but even the most optimistic may not be looking for logic in government action. Incidentally, high school students are supposed to return to the offices the day they start graduating, so they will have a hard time learning that week, while university students have to go back to the time most of them finish their classes and start the exam period.

Trying to escape from the time he goes crazy

The prosecutor, Pavel Zeman, has resigned, citing pressure from Justice Minister Benisova, saying that repelling her attacks prevented him from working, so Benisova will now look for his successor.

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The Ministry of Regional Development has turned the distribution of billions in exceptional European aid to hospitals into an unbelievable race in speed of the click. After meeting relatively simple criteria, the success of the application was mainly determined by which hospitals were able to click on it first at the specified time. Minister Dostalova rejected any mistake, but after harsh criticism she postponed the next round of this strange competition.

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Health Minister Arnberger thanked reporters for explaining the difference between a tax return and a return of property. Due to a misunderstanding of this difference, it is alleged that he did not initially declare one hundred million assets and several million of income. It is also possible that he did not understand the conflict of interest, as he had leased his property for millions of years to Vinohrady Hospital, which he had previously managed.

Clinical studies conducted as part of his private clinic will reportedly not be brought to the hospital, however the media have found that hospital income from this lucrative activity has decreased since Arenberger’s opening. The minister sees no reason to resign – and this probably won’t surprise anyone.

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The move of both opposition coalitions is extremely difficult to understand – they sparked a vote of no confidence in the government in early June, but whose results will depend on the position of the Communists. However, the House of Representatives’ distrust of the government would place another influence in the hands of the Citadel with its supportive stances toward Russia – perhaps not the goal of the opposition.

At the same time, President Zeman diplomatically expressed his dissatisfaction with the current government positions this week by indirectly assigning responsibility to the Cabinet of Babys for the victims during the castle version of an act of reverence for the victims of the Coronavirus with 30,000 candles in plastic beer mugs. Russia has officially published its list of hostile countries with only two items – the Czech Republic and the United States.

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Just in the middle of the store, a woman stopped her car in Gisenec, which was confused behind the wheel and drove through a glass door from the parking lot between the shelves. Unwittingly, I provided an impressive example of a shopping spree following the opening of long-closed stores.

Peter Black

In a remote and inhospitable valley, police found a woman in Utah, aged about 50, who had gone missing for six months. She told the police that she needed a rest from the people and wanted to return to the valley. The local law enforcement officer made no secret of his admiration, in his 30 years of service he did not find that anyone could survive the harsh winters in such conditions. The food found in a small deserted tent was supplemented with plants, their fruits, and river water. Peter Schwartz wishes Radio Czechia Plus listeners not to go to extremes in an attempt to escape the time that has eluded their joints, to himself and the world at large.

The author is a commentator on Czech radio