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A woman blocks President Biden's motorcade... Watch the police's quick response in 9 seconds

A woman blocks President Biden’s motorcade… Watch the police’s quick response in 9 seconds

A video clip, documented by American media cameras, showed the moment a woman was arrested and thrown to the ground, after she tried to approach the motorcade of US President Joe Biden.

The woman approached the US President’s car in the middle of the procession strangely, and began shouting through a loudspeaker she was carrying in her hand, before the Secret Service elements intervened after 9 seconds, where a policeman surprised her, from behind, arrested her and threw her to the ground.

The incident occurred as the US President’s motorcade was passing through downtown Los Angeles, heading to the site of the Summit of the Americas in the city.

As the convoy passed the empty street, a woman in a green dress and a loudspeaker entered the center of the convoy, causing one of the cars to swerve.

But only 9 seconds later, a member of the Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting Joe Biden, rushed to the woman and forcefully grabbed her and dragged her to the side of the road and knocked her to the ground, according to “Sky News”.

In the video, the American policeman appeared beating the woman and slapping her violently in the face, in an attempt to control her and restrain her, but the woman did not stop shouting, agonizing from the pain of the punches directed by the policeman.

At the end of the clip, the policeman handcuffed both of her hands from behind, with the help of another policeman, while another woman appeared shouting at the security personnel.

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