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A young Englishwoman saved her sister from a crocodile.  You punched the animal

A young Englishwoman saved her sister from a crocodile. You punched the animal

Few would be able to react so bravely and swiftly in such a situation. But when the young Englishwoman, Georgia Laurie, saw a crocodile attacking her sister Melissa while she was swimming and trying to drown her, she did not hesitate for a moment and punched the lizard. Now the twins are in the hospital, recovering from a collision with a predator.

Twins Georgia and Melissa Lowery, 28, from the English county of Berkshire, went to the lake near the Mexican port of Puerto Escondido on the first Sunday in June. In Central America, young women travel together for a long time, working there in nature reserves with protected animals.

However, since they enjoyed swimming, they were surprised by the attack of a predator in the water. Melissa suddenly disappeared beneath the surface. Georgia sank to find out what was going on. She discovers that her sister has been attacked by a crocodile and pulls her down to drown her.

“Georgia wanted to bring the helpless and unresponsive Melissa to the ship to safety. But the crocodile didn’t want to give up, so she started hitting him with fists. I heard some animals didn’t push anything else. She described the story from the girls to their older sister Hana for the station’s news website BBC.

But doctors are afraid of the injuries that the lizard caused to the young Englishman, as well as the fact that the infection spread from his jaws. Melis’s lungs entered hers and she is now connected to a respirator in the hospital.

“Melissa and Georgia are currently receiving intravenous antibiotics, so we all hope that if they do get an infection, doctors can pick it up quickly,” Hannah Laurie said.

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She added that although Georgia is an experienced diver, the encounter with the crocodile terrified her. The older twin sister said, “Thank God she’s so well trained. I knew right away what she had to do.”