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“Abdul Wahhab” and “Mounir” in one night

A few days ago, I spent a patriotic singing evening as part of the celebrations of Egypt and the Ministry of Culture on the tenth of Ramadan at the open-air (Al-Hanager) theatre.

A number of the brave men of the armed forces were honored who restored our dignity.. I noticed that our evacuating officers, despite the passage of half a century since the battle, are in good health, all of them went up to the stage without even the help of (the railing), it seems a fleeting remark but it indicates Even when he is out of service, a man in the armed forces maintains his fitness.

Minister of Culture Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani decided that the October celebrations will continue every year, and I add that we have to present a huge artwork worthy of our victory for the world to see. There are films and books circulated in Europe that deliberately ignore these facts. The cultural production sector is headed by the creator Dr. Khaled Jalal is the author of the proposal to bring together Abdel Wahhab and Mohamed Mounir in one night. Our hearts (there is something sweet in it).

What is the magic line between Abd al-Wahhab and Mounir?.. Between them there is a time difference of more than fifty-five years.. “Abd al-Wahhab” from the Bab al-Shariya neighborhood and Mounir from Aswan, each of them in his time is a reformer and his works are still contemplating and bearing a lot. Abd al-Wahhab was an inspiration for a generation after him of composers and singers The singer who imitated the most appeared is Abdel Wahhab. With the passage of time, the imitators of Abdel Wahhab faded away with the exception of a flash from Safwan Bahlwan. Mounir’s imitators completely evaporated, and we now have (one Munir).

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Abdel Wahhab is the owner of the saying (nothing stands before the most beautiful), as he picks up the most beautiful, whatever its source, then gives it the Wahhabi taste.. Mounir is also looking for the most beautiful, he is not stopped by whether this song is performed by a man or a woman.. (Haret Al-Saqayen) as an example.. the most important thing for him To him that he found something in her that steals his heart. Mounir did not practice composing, but his songs resemble him. He does not sing a musical phrase unless it comes out of his conscience. He does not repeat a word in a song that does not have Mounir’s privacy.

The artist who is able to move in time is a rare gift, and thus you find Abdel Wahhab receiving the title of (the musician of the generation), then (the musician of the two generations), then (the musician of the generations).

Muhammad Munir crowned him as king and he is still sitting on the throne. In his generation, most of his members retreated, and he who stood firm was abandoned by the glow and luster, while the enlightenment of time increased his glow and luster.

Abdel-Wahhab is less in dealing with the media, as well as Mounir.. The difference is that Abdel-Wahhab had a circle of media professionals working for him, Mounir’s circle of media professionals were his friends; He sees them as part of his history and they see him as part of their journey.

Singing is life for them. Abdel Wahhab got married and had children, but he remained the number one artist and he had no partner. Mounir was only married for a few days, and then he returned to Mounir.

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Abdel Wahhab follows life and art, and Mounir has a keen eye and ear, observing every detail.

“Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab” and “Muhammad Mounir” .. combining them in one sentence and one night means stature and value, place and prestige!!.