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About the possibility to cancel Zen 3+ / Warhol

About the possibility to cancel Zen 3+ / Warhol

generation Zen 3+ / Warhol Publicly known for the leaked internal roadmap. AMD never mentioned it in its general articles, to which it applies, too Zain +Which also did not appear on public road maps, in practice until their release. The goal of half-generations is practically the same – if needed, they can respond to the current market situation.

Zen 3+ has not been Warhol It was supposed to be something like Zain +, Slight improvement over its predecessor. But there will be differences. Overall performance was a bit more shifting, with most of that shift coming from the increase in IPC (u Zain + It averaged 3% in the case Warhol This number will be higher) and a relatively smaller fraction should come from a shift in clock frequencies that may not shift more than 100MHz. The total shift in performance will be less than 10% on average (in unfavorable situations about 5%, and in favorable situations a maximum of about 12%).

With what he had to do Zen 3+ The response, it can be according to the original plans Rocket Lake From Intel, which ultimately did not require a response in the form of a new product. Zen 3+ So it “left” to a generation Alder Lake Planned at the end of this year. And the Zen 3+ It should have appeared in AMD roadmaps (at least in the ones that were updated) in a form representing the fourth quarter of 2021. That may explain why so little information about this generation emerged in the first quarter of this year. The shift in version from (for example) early spring / summer into autumn explains why less product information appears than usual for a product planned for early spring / summer (it is no longer simply a product of Spring / Summer).

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However, since last week there have been rumors of the death penalty being abolished completely Zen 3+. However, it was not clear where the information came from and was reliable. The original was traced back to the editors of the RedGamingTech website, with some sources claiming with an AMD roadmap that in the latest version of the roadmap published by AMD, Zen 3+ Misses. However, other sources claim that they have no information on this (which, on the other hand, may mean that they have not received this roadmap yet). However, RedGamingTech remains very cautious about evaluating this information and does not want to draw conclusions until you can verify the information from other sources.

For example, it is not clear if it was a roadmap that he obtained Zen 3+ Disappear, roadmap is permanent (and after Zain 3 Painted now Zain 4 Without further generational overlap), or it’s this year’s roadmap and a slight disappearance Zen 3+ Starting in the last quarter of 2021 does not necessarily mean canceling the product, but postponing it to the first quarter of 2022.

If we receive a cancellation report Zen 3+ Indeed, the question is why this happened. RedGamingTech provides an explanation regarding the lack of production capacity to meet the demand that already exists at the present time Zain 3; However, it does have some loopholes. Zen 3+ According to the information available, it should have been produced on a 6nm process that uses EUV lithography and thus be produced on lines other than the current 7nm products. Conversely, the inclusion of the EUV lines in AMD’s capacity should increase the capacity available for Ryzen processors. So I think the causes should be looked for elsewhere. One hypothetical possibility can be seen in the fact that the processor supply depends not only on the production capacity of 7nm or 6nm chips, but also on the capabilities of the packaging factories. Packaging has been mentioned as one of the primary constraints since the turn of the year, as higher packaging capabilities are not available and even if they were, they would still be a limiting factor in the supply of substrates, as there have also been many interruptions.

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A sure sign that he’s on plans Zen 3+ Something changed, there could be reports of a new X570S chipset with low power consumption. Since the current X570 chipset relies on the same silicon as the central chip of the Ryzen 3000/5000 processors, it can be assumed that with the X570S it should never again be available in the form of a chipset (X570S) and used as a central processor chip. Zen 3+. However, if a release of motherboards with the X570S chipset is about to be released in the near future, but there’s no hearing about the processor counterpart, it might also indicate something.

An unofficial roadmap for AMD processors consists of leaks and speculation

Be the final confirmation (or no confirmation) of the cancellation Zen 3+ We’ll have to wait for the situation to happen Zain 4 It seems clear: the release is planned for the second half of 2022, production will be taken care of by the TSMC 5nm line and the architecture will achieve a 20% increase in IPC. As for the most recent reports, there is a 45% increase in IPC architecture Zain 4 We must not neglect the context and the fact that it is an increase Zain 2, Not at all Zain 3. After separating the 19% increase in IPC between Zain 2 a Zain 3 For Zen 4, less than 22% remain between generations, which is fully in line with ~ 20% expectations. A similar intergenerational increase is expected from Intel Alder Lake (Golden Cove against Willow Cove Fifth Tiger lake). IPC of large cores Alder Lake Jader IPC Zain 4 So it will be similar (as IPC Willow Cove / Tiger lake A IPC Zain 3).

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