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Abrahamic agreements in the UK and Sharqa sign a cooperation agreement in Dubai

Abrahamic agreements in the UK and Sharqa sign a cooperation agreement in Dubai

The leaders of the Abrahamic Treaty Group in the UK are a non-profit organization that supports the implementation and expansion of historic peace agreements in the Middle East. And the Government of Israel, today (Tuesday), signed the cooperation agreement during an event held at the Crossroads Museum of Civilization in Dubai.

The agreement was signed by former British Defense and Trade Minister Liam Fox and the group’s CEO Laura Roberts, on behalf of the Abrahamic Agreement Committee in the UK, while Director of International Affairs Dan Fefferman signed on behalf of “Sharka”. And its Emirati Co-Founder and CEO of the United Arab Emirates Dr. Majid Al Sarra.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Mansour Abdullah Kalban Bellhole and members of “Sharqa”, Media and Education Adviser Dr. Najat al-Saeed and Omar al-Fusaidi, CEO of the US Partnership, attended. In addition to key figures in the embassy forces and members of the Jewish community in the country and many other officials.

The delegation to the Abrahamic Agreement Committee in the UK includes Mark Garnier, Vice President of the International Trade Selection Commission, RT Honor Stephen Krop, Conservative Vice President of Israel’s Parliament, Representative of the Labor Party and Friends of Parliament Steve McCabe, MP and Dr. Lisa Cameron, Foreign Secretary. Laura Roberts, Managing Director of the Abrahamic Contracting Committee in the United Kingdom and Gerard Russell, General Manager of Paul Mall Communications.

Sharqa’s mission is to strengthen relations between Israelis and the citizens of the Abrahamic treaties, to ensure the success and flexibility of intergovernmental agreements, and to encourage other nations to benefit from them.

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“Sharaka” received the first mutual cultural representatives between some Gulf countries and Israel, the joint Arab-Israeli delegation to the United States, as well as the first virtual event for Holocaust memory and learning in the Arab world.

Joint physical and virtual events are regularly held in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Morocco and Bahrain to celebrate the festivals and other cultural events of each country and each religion.

The Abrahamic Treaty Group in the UK and Sharqa agree to strengthen mutual economic and cultural ties between the Abrahamic nations and to find and follow ways to forge agreements in the Middle East. Positive impact on the UK.

The Abrahamic Treaty Group in Britain and Sharqa will work together to identify influencers from the Abrahamic treaties in the media, community, education, business and other fields, and arrange mutual visits between the Abrahamic treaty nations and Israel. For collaboration in various fields, especially cultural, dialogue and inter-religious understanding, exchange of education and research and working with universities and youth groups.

On this occasion, Liam Fox said: “We are pleased to work with the Abrahamic Treaty Group (Sharaka) in the UK as both organizations are committed to promoting the goals of the Abrahamic Treaties and promoting peace and prosperity in the Middle East. We hope that the new collaboration will leave an impact beyond borders and spread the message of peace to all.

For his part, Majed Al Sarrah said: “The Abrahamic treaties continue to thrive and demonstrate that they provide a lasting and successful model of peace. Signing important agreements with a large group will help strengthen and improve the peace model.

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For his part, Amit Terry, founder of the “Sharaka” initiative, expressed his delight at the agreement, which contributes to the common goal of further strengthening the Abrahamic agreements and helping to achieve a new model of peace and cooperation in the Middle East.

He added: “With the courageous signing of agreements by the leadership of our two countries, the strong support of the international community is important and we are pleased to see the UK’s very active contribution in promoting this process, and we look forward to working with Abrahamic Agreements Group UK and Dr Liam Fox, MP. A longtime supporter of peace and tranquility.