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Abramovich threatens to confiscate his luxury palace in London

Abramovich threatens to confiscate his luxury palace in London

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is facing a new kind of danger as he is now unable to pay the rent for the land that includes his luxury mansion in London, the capital of England, owned by Queen Elizabeth.

Abramovich was last week subjected to severe sanctions by the UK government after all of his assets, including the Chelsea football club, were frozen due to contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But now the Russian businessman is in trouble because he could not pay the rent for the land owned by the queen where his palace is located, valued at about 128 million euros.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Abramovich is at risk of losing other major assets on UK soil.

Where is the Abramovich Palace located?

The affluent 15-room Abramovich Palace in London is located within walking distance of Kensington Palace, the home of Prince William.

Although Abramovich is the owner of the magnificent palace, he owes the Queen கீழ் 11,900 to 125 11,100 per annum due to land ownership of the British Crown.

What does that mean?

While Abramovich’s immense wealth rent is not a big deal, restrictions on the Russian regime’s acceptance of believers’ money have put the Chelsea owner in a difficult position.

The Chelsea owner has been aware of the risks for the past few months and has tried to sell the property to no avail.

If the penalties remain the same, Queen Abramovich will be prosecuted and his property confiscated if he fails to pay rent.

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