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"Abu Dhabi Art"... masterpieces that reflect the multiplicity of posts and the diversity of works

“Abu Dhabi Art”… masterpieces that reflect the multiplicity of posts and the diversity of works

Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi) When it was launched the day before yesterday at Manarat Al Saadiyat, “Abu Dhabi Art” received a large number of visitors and art lovers, and the activities will continue until November 20, while the commissioned works displayed throughout Abu Dhabi will remain available for viewing until January 22, 2023.

On the “Union” tour between the galleries of “Abu Dhabi Art”, we met in the “Misk and Anbar” gallery, the Tunisian artist Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed, where contemporary art captures her interest, and her ambition goes beyond classical art to innovative creativity in an art workshop that includes designers and painters from all over the world, and she says The importance of “Abu Dhabi Art” is that it allowed her to participate in photographic works of the city of Kairouan, showing the status of this ancient historical city, through the use of digital technologies, as it transformed it into “circular windows” that show through the paintings the directions of minarets and domes. Lamia explains that these acts symbolize tolerance, peace and justice.

And from the Algerian city of Oran, we saw the “Al Ain Gallery” hall, which includes various types of artworks, the plastic artist Sadiq Rahim told us about it, who praised the importance of “Abu Dhabi Art”, and he had heard a lot about it, and today in the first artistic presence of Algeria in the exhibition he said that his dream He achieved participation in this important exhibition, and Rahim noted the participating works of artists Adnan Jaffal and Suleiman Al-Araj, in addition to his participation in a painting that represents an integrated carpet with bent ends, and a second painting that appears as a carpet cut into shapes of roses, and explained that it indicates the migration of young people and the suffering that befalls them due to their travel to Europe.

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And the artist, Rahim, continued, quoting from his grandmother’s saying: “Young people are the roses of their country.” Therefore, he distributed many roses in the painting to show the “carpet” in the form of a painting, and emphasized that the garden without roses becomes barren, which symbolizes the emigration of young people.

regulation accuracy

The director of the “Al Ain” gallery in Oran, Chaouch Tawfik, pointed out the importance of participating in “Abu Dhabi Art” and visiting the UAE capital for the first time, and said: We have traveled a lot to Europe, but I did not expect this high-precision organization in Abu Dhabi, as it is the best exhibition in which we participate, stressing Participation was a very important opportunity.

He pointed out that Sadiq Rahim’s works had previously been shown in New York and London, but the Abu Dhabi organization was not comparable to any other place. In the “Abu Dhabi Art” exhibition, a large wall accommodates the works of the artist Suleiman Al Kamel, from Tunisia, where he works on magical realism in a 5×2 painting using acrylic technology. Concern for the environment, the world of the beautiful mythical artist. In addition to this large artwork, there is a group of small works drawn by the artist with the same technique and colors, and they tell a biography of the society he imagined.

In his speech, the artist Al Kamel pointed out the importance of “Abu Dhabi Art”, which constitutes a great global value, and also gives Arab and foreign artists an opportunity to meet and interact, stressing that it is a global art event organized by Abu Dhabi with high aesthetic technology.

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Art and engineering

Beauty in the Abu Dhabi Art exhibits is not limited to plastic paintings and sculptures only. Rather, there is a hall that includes “Hind Al Oud”. Ammar Al-Koumi tells us about him. He said: We have several types of perfumes, and each person is left free to smell the scent and choose the name that he feels from the smell. preferred, then we engrave the name of his choice. Ammar added, explaining that they consider this choice to be a feeling, an art, and a feeling, adding: Even the organization and design of our suite includes art and thinking, and this perfume is made from the special oud and the best kinds.

On the other hand, the artist Abdul Qadir Al-Rayyes singled out “Al-Ittihad Gallery” with a number of his modern works, as the showroom tops the painting “Sheikh Zayed Bridge” designed by the famous engineer Zaha Hadid, but the painting of the artist Al-Rayyes adds beauty and splendor to the bridge, which combines art and engineering in one One crucible, and the artist Al-Rayes says: The work represents the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, “the icon of the capital,” indicating that the work on it took several months, and all the works he presented used watercolors. Stressing his happiness at participating in this artistic festival, “Abu Dhabi Art”, as it is a great opportunity for a large international art gathering in Abu Dhabi, in which the artist and visitors benefit, as they learn about all this distinguished creativity presented by Abu Dhabi art.