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Abu Dhabi Boats win the Formula 1 World Team Championship

Abu Dhabi Boats win the Formula 1 World Team Championship

The Abu Dhabi team boats came in second and third places in the general arrangement of the Formula 1 World Championship, in the final round of the championship, which was held in Figueira, Portugal, with two main races. The Abu Dhabi 1 boat, led by Shawn Torrenti, came in fifth, bringing Al Qamzi to the 39th point in the overall ranking of the championship and second place, while Shawn reached the 37th point to be the third in the championship. For the first time in its history, the Abu Dhabi team managed to win the team title, which comes to be the second title in the championship after the singles, with the team achieving 76 points at the forefront of this title.

The final race witnessed dramatic and exciting events from the beginning, after the best time race was held on the main race day itself, and the race witnessed the failure of the Shaun boat’s engine, forcing him to exit the speed competitions and start from the last place in the race according to the laws, while Al-Qemzi finished sixth to be sixth The poles in the main race, and with the start of the race, Al Qamzi was able to advance to fourth place since the first sessions, while Shawn managed to bypass seven competitors to reach eighth place since the second session, and with the passage of sessions, Shawn managed to reach sixth place, and with the course On the thirtieth, the boat “Merritt Stromoy 50” was overturned on the race track in order for the yellow flag to be raised, and for five consecutive cycles the boats subsided until the moment the green flag was raised again, so that the speed of the boats returned to half a turn that suddenly witnessed the capsizing of the “Sharjah 11” boat led by Sami Sileo and his exit From the race due to a collision with the French boat Peter Moren, to raise the yellow flag again, and the speed decreased again until the moment the chess flag was raised and the end of the 40 cycle of the race period, and Jonas was declared the champion of the race and for the 2021 season, and Al-Qemzi came second He is only a point behind the leader in the general standings, while he finished second in the final race of the French Peter Morin.

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The yellow flags, the smallness of the race track and some technical malfunctions deprived the Abu Dhabi team of a title worthy of the Emirates, especially with the preparation and prior preparation for the competition, and the drama of the final race contributed to changing the results, especially with the French Maureen committing the error of clashing with Sileo through the track, which deserves to be written off a full course. .

Salem Al Rumaithi, Head of the Abu Dhabi Team Mission, congratulated the team champions for their remarkable and great level in the final round of the championship, and stressed that what the contestants had done reflected an ideal image of their strong capabilities through the competition, but because of some accumulated pitfalls, the team was deprived of a deserved result.

Al-Rumaithi congratulated the team for achieving the team title through the tournament in order to have an imprint and presence through one of its most important titles. Upcoming tournaments.