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Abu Dhabi Police participates in the “Aviation Medicine” exhibition in the United States

The Abu Dhabi Police Aviation Department was briefed on the latest findings of research and studies related to aviation and space medicine, during its participation in the 91st American edition of the “Medical Society Exhibition”, which was hosted by the city of Denver in the United States of America.

The participating delegation was acquainted with the best practices in the fields of aviation safety, and also met a large number of participating delegations and members, and discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation in the aviation and space medicine sector and aviation safety.

Major Doctor Ali Saif Al Dhahouri, Director of the Aviation Medicine Branch in the Abu Dhabi Police Aviation Department, said: The field of aviation and space medicine is of great interest to the competent authorities in the country, pointing out the importance of the exhibition in exchanging experiences and strengthening international partnerships with ancient countries in this field.

The President of the American Aviation Medicine Association, Professor Charles Dejon, praised the continuous successes achieved by the United Arab Emirates in the field of aviation medicine and space exploration, pointing to the importance of the exhibition in exchanging experiences, and being informed about developments in scientific fields, through seminars and conferences in the field of aviation medicine in general, and health Pilots and aircrews in particular.