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Accolade signs a record-breaking loan agreement, to secure Amazon warehouse in Kojetna

The facade of the industrial building near Coghitna filled up in January 2022.
| Photo: embracing

Leading the Komern banka group of banks, the agreement with Accolade represents the first mutual cooperation. The other members are esk spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank.

Prmyslov Hall in Kojetn will grow in a brown field after the former sugar mill. Its tenant will be Amazon, which has an open hall and 2,000 jobs in the area.

Before submitting the project, the financing banks subjected the project to a very comprehensive evaluation, not only in terms of financial sustainability, but also in terms of environmental friendliness. Accolade’s chief financial officer Tom Prochzka said Nron’s requirements based on new applicable EU rules have helped meet a comprehensive heating system, application of solar panels for electricity generation and a sustainable approach to the environment during construction.

The facade of the industrial building near Cogina is full in summer. The total area of ​​the hall is 187 square meters. There will be robots and intelligent intelligence in the operation of the hall. In the area, you can also sell items such as ladybugs and geraniums. Breeding volume is met.

Thus, Accolade grows about 500 trees, 300 of which are in the region, and the rest are in Kojetn. Photovoltaic panels with a power of about one megawatt will be installed in the Al-Misnad hall. Most of the electricity is consumed in the distribution center, and the unconsumed building will be delivered back to a street.

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Accolade Holding operates in six European countries, investing in modern and sustainable infrastructure for global corporate brands, primarily from e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics. It owns 43 industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Slovakia.