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According to EZ, coal-fired power plants of the future could contain nuclear reactors

He had a modular reactor from NuScale, a monch supplier to the Czech Republic (visualization).
author’s squf; NuScale

withControlled energy company EZm aspires to become one of the first countries in Europe to launch a modular reactor. Any nuclear power plant can be manufactured in the plant and delivered to the substation, and its maximum capacity should be 300 MW which is enough to cover the consumption of more than half a million households.

EZ, the largest electricity producer in the Czech Republic, wants to start operating a modular reactor at the Temeln u nuclear power plant by 2035. Therefore, two must be commissioned, and no filling must be made.Dokovani finishedwhich the government is about to announce a tender.

He had a modular reactor in Temeln that shouldn’t be the only one. According to the new energy division director and EZTome Pleskaeu board member, the energy company is now analyzing the locations of other reactor sites. Five coal-fired power plants were selected for this purpose – Tuimice, Prunov, Ledvice, Po and Dtmarovice.

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