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According to Switzerland, the United States wants to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Iran

According to Switzerland, the United States wants to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Iran

US President Joe Biden backed faster approval of Swiss-brokered money transfers To supply food and medicine to sanctioned Iran.

According to Reuters, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis said this after today’s meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Cassis told reporters after a half-hour interview with Biden: “The problem is that (the Iranian humanitarian aid channel) is not being used enough. Why? Because the money transfers still need to be approved, and I think the United States wants to speed up the decision-making process so that it can be used.” This entire channel.

Former President Donald Trump renewed sanctions against Iran in 2018 after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. The administration of President Joe Biden is now in indirect talks with Vienna about returning to an agreement aimed at preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

“We talked about a nuclear deal and about the intention of the United States to do everything to move things forward,” Cassis added, adding that the situation surrounding the talks has now become very difficult with regard to the upcoming presidential elections in Iran.

Under last year’s Humanitarian Supply Agreement (SHTA), Swiss banks ensure that exporters do not have to worry about US sanctions on the export of food, medicine and other humanitarian goods to Iran, and that they get paid for it. However, the transfers of the payments in question are still subject to approval by Washington, and in practice this channel is underutilized.

Switzerland, as a neutral country, represents US interests in Iran, as Washington does not have formal diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic, states the Department of Political Affairs.

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Today, during his trip around Europe, Biden traveled to Switzerland, where he met the highest representatives of the alpine country. He is expected to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. Nuclear safety should be one of the topics of discussion. (CTK)