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According to the method of psychologists and sociologists, the prescription for dealing with the “midlife crisis”

According to the method of psychologists and sociologists, the prescription for dealing with the “midlife crisis”

Mid-life crisis.. It is the sensitive or transitional stage that begins from the age of forty to sixty-five years. At this stage, the person’s perspective on things and life in general varies, as if he is re-forming his personality anew.

In the following lines, we highlight the stage that many scientists describe as the “new beginning” of life.

Learn about the midlife crisis, the method of psychologists and sociologists

Writer Brenée Brown, author and professor at the University of Houston, USA, says about the midlife crisis, that when you reach the stage of your forty, life grabs your shoulders and tells you: “I have grown up and I will not help you anymore, you have to rely on yourself and take advantage of everything you have provided. you before.”

The midlife crisis is considered a self-accounting stage in which a person revises his accounts, says Kiran Setia, professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In middle age, a person begins to think about what he has missed, and begins to question; Did he choose the right job and the right life? And he feels that he is living in the mill of life that makes him spin immersed in work without a moment to stop to review or consider his options.

Why is life better at this point?

Experts confirmed to the “Healthline” medical website, that the “midlife stage” is one of the best stages in a person’s life, through financial stability, where you know well your income and spending, and it is the stage of getting rid of fears, whether from the future or tangible things.

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Middle life is also described as the “self-esteem” stage, in which you know your true value through the environment around you, in addition to that you can distinguish between friend and foe easily and keep good friends.

Men do not mature until after the age of forty .. How?

A study recently published in the British newspaper “Metro”, conducted by scientists from Oxford University, showed that men do not mature until they reach the age of forty.

The researchers explained that the reason for this is that the stage of puberty extends in men to the age of forty, as they take a longer time to mature, compared to women, and one of the signs of reaching this stage is severe depression and introversion taking a refuge so that he can understand and control himself. Then the constant criticism of everything and the fabrication of problems.

Depression and anxiety are among the diseases that threaten people in middle age

Mental illness is one of the problems that threaten people over the age of forty, due to the lack of friends, and this was confirmed by Dr. Ahmed Helal, a consultant psychiatrist.

Helal explained that depression and mood disorders are among the psychological problems that are widely prevalent among people in this sensitive stage.

Also, anxiety and fear of illness are one of the problems that control them, noting that the reason for this is the lack of social contact and the lack of integration with others.

Activities for middle-aged people

Doctors confirmed that sport is one of the things that contribute to maintaining the body’s organs after the age of forty, and perhaps walking for half an hour a day is one of the options that suit people at this sensitive stage.

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Also, getting to know new friends is one of the things that contribute to enhancing the immunity and energy of people in middle age. Researchers at Dartmouth University in the United States have discovered that the ability to recognize faces can be completed in some people later than other skills.