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According to the study, the chip shortage problems will not end in the near future

According to the study, the chip shortage problems will not end in the near future

At the moment, according to the study, a luxury car with an internal combustion engine has a semiconductor value of about $ 3,000 (about 65,000 CZK), while for a semi-autonomous electric vehicle the value of chips should exceed $ 7,000 (about 152,000 CZK) in 2025, DPA writes.

Recently, the global shortage of chips has complicated the production of consumer electronics and cars. Several leading automakers have reduced production due to chip loss, and koda Auto is also feeling a chip shortage this year.

Problems will escalate

A shortage of computer chips and other electronic components also affected Apple. According to Nikkei Asia, company representatives are now working on how to deal with the shortage of individual parts for their products. Production of iPad tablets and MacBook laptops is said to have already slowed. It is claimed that the production of iPhone smartphones is not affected by the current problems.

According to experts, Apple’s difficulties are a sign that the chip shortage is getting more serious and could affect even smaller tech companies, which are in a weaker position in dealing with suppliers. Apple is known for its expertise in supply chain management and the speed with which it can mobilize suppliers, Nikkei Asia writes.

“We don’t really see an end to this shortage waiting for us, and the situation could worsen before the end of the second quarter, as some smaller tech companies may run out of key components,” said Wallace Joe, CEO of Silicon. Suggestion. Clients of this company include, for example, Samsung, Western Digital and Micron.