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Actress Nancy Ajram shines with a charming look in Tunisia

Actress Nancy Ajram shines with a charming look in Tunisia

Tunisia – Morocco today

The Lebanese actress appeared Nancy Ajram In one of the concerts in Tunisia, where she ignited the atmosphere of the party, starting with her looks that some called, the best star looks on the red carpet competed, and this made her the focus of everyone’s attention. International fashion For the year 2021, she wore a long fitted dress, with long sleeves with off-shoulder shoulders, designed in gold with black fabric with a sparkle of sequins, with a thin elegant belt in the middle to complete the look.

She coordinated with him some high-end jewelry that is very similar to the pharaonic designs, and applied with him an attractive make-up that highlighted many of her calm and soft features in earthy colors, with eyeliner and mascara selected. Nancy Ajram ignited the theater’s atmosphere by presenting a group of distinctive and beautiful songs, as she sang new songs that will be filmed from her new album “Nancy 10.” I’m coming with you” and “150”.

She continues her talk about the recent events in Lebanon and what she is currently going through if it had a negative impact on her, both from a technical or psychological point of view, as the release of her album was postponed three times, and then she finally released her album by publishing the posters of her album, which bears the name “Nancy 10”, where it spread Its posters are in all squares of the streets of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in preparation for its launch as soon as possible.

In late May, the artist Nancy Ajram published the trailer for her new album on her personal account on the blogging site “Twitter”, where the trailer number 10, which is her singing career, whose name has not been revealed, where Khaled Taj El-Din expressed his happiness with his cooperation with the artist Nancy. Ajram, and the success of the song “Gaya Maak” and “Hobak Bayqwa”, which was recently released on its official YouTube channel.

Where Khaled Taj El-Din said, in press statements to him: “The second song for Nancy Ajram is coming with you after the song Your Love Beqwa, which I presented recently, and it was my words, composed by Walid Saad and distributed by Hani Yaqoub. We finished the two songs and heard them for Gigi Lamara, Nancy’s business manager.”

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