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Actress Petra Goskov firmly believes that we are afraid

Restrictions related to pandas You are also one of the actresses who entered the professional life. You are not lazy, you deserve it.
This is a break for all of these situations. Infection gave me. I had a lot of time like this before and wanted to understand it. One of the many things I always wanted to do was get closer to him. Not just about exercises, but also about philosophy.

He never left the Indian Army, but it was not possible during epidemics, following what we got with him, I completed two months of intensive study at Instructor Kathaji. Since summer, I conduct online courses at the Jaga Grimsk Studio, and then have something for my friends. The classic dog zoom app, just like everyone else today.

Prior to infection, you may have SR. Lance was able to take a lesson, how was it?
That’s Asn. I mainly shy away from yoga, mainly for financial reasons. Today, I took that step and I am so thankful that I was not allowed to get tired of fear. Last RPM point since stay. In addition, I was surprised, I did not know that I was a tough traveler. . I slept there completely, and it was worth it!

Has it changed to vs jga and lifestyle?
I’m really on my way. Piznvm pln bez muen, e nekvim kad den a jm i masa. But give it to me, when you are, I dream of buying organic from farms. But philosophy has affected me so much, it has a lot in common with me. I find everything very logical and clear, especially one that is perfectly connected to normal life. But beware, I don’t consider myself a joker, I definitely don’t want to stop competing on Instagram, he just gave me a great time or stands in their head. (smch) My inner voice and heart and DM. I will definitely not fail him frantically.

On your Instagram profile, you can see a photo of Saxony standing two feet behind his head in a dress while standing. How did the body freeze in my civion?
It was so much better than the limit. I would say it was a remnant of the times I was involved in dance. But of course, thanks to that, it’s still very flexible and extended, and I wouldn’t be if I didn’t do anything. But I read in my body that if I miss a moment, the difference is immediately apparent. Jga je co se te protan, skvl.

How do you notice the discoveries of the fairy tale that monetized your childhood on TV even under the name Divka Na Koti?
Saxon bust. Film and drama. Like you are a sad princess, she is one of my most favorite Czech fairy tales. The two of you, either Harry Potter or the Ice Kingdom, but this is a cult work. T-shirts, music, tricks and Peters Ernak! She was so cute and beautiful.

At Studio TVA, I’m glad that this is what he played with Honza Cross and Ivanka Salkov, with whom, we are disaster experts. There is such a rush in clothing in Saxon that it will never last. He may have known the industry incomprehensibly, but he saw theater through an irreplaceable process.

You can consider the Studio TVA Theater as your home theater and see it as an alternative, for example, in the lead role of the musical Old Men on Hops, which is inspired by a TV masterpiece.
I jumped into the main role of Hanga for Bernick Cohout Dova when I was pregnant. By the way, when we were in that pregnancy, Beckham would play this character on a relatively large belly for a performance change, which we are currently rehearsing on Studio TVA with its editor Peter Zhelenka. The premiere is postponed to the fall, so we hope it works.

Soprano’s controversial performance at the Prague Inhohero Club had a great response, in which you play as one of the church students, but they didn’t go too far for the word. Looks like you must have been inexperienced.
Tested, this is a great ride. And the same as provided. Sam girls, full without a guy! It’s so distracting and I enjoy it, it’s bad, but not the first. This is true, for women to be fifteen years old. Sometimes try to ride the tram around the middle wheel. The sopranos poured their little girls and laughter, especially around the club, which was a delight. You have created great songs from the ELO group! In addition, I met my conservative classmate Marta Tansingero at the show, and we have a lot of partners at Sopranos on the show.

You are a universal genre, in addition to acting you are also good at dancing or singing. Do you sing in the rehearsal cabaret for the Bess Seattle Theater?
Yes. I don’t think I have a copy, but I will be introduced to singing and dancing like Helka at one of the KitKat girls ’parties. We’re just you, and that’s a ride. We started rehearsing and there were some noises. It will be physically nron, but krsn. It’s so dark. At the same time, explore Verizon’s new product, which will be performed in the summer arena at the Kamba Museum.

Can you hide the famous flash scene from Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk or Flash Dance movie?
I think so. Although I prefer Flash Dance without acrobatics, I have been moving on for some time. (smch) Sometimes I wonder where I can go in motion. If the hunter does not have health restrictions, the body can allow him a lot.

You have a strong voice and you are definitely used to dubbing and radio.
Yes, that’s good, who is it. That’s too much. Unfortunately, I’m still skipping this art. I like to talk to an audiobook or radio game. Like she dubbed you, but unfortunately I don’t have it. I only sang animated fairy tales like Delphna in the fairy tale LV Holtka, directed by Ondage East. It was so much fun.

How do you do all this cool stuff?
I go to Pavel Fendrico, whom I have not seen in a long time due to infection. Thanks to me, I also participated in the charity project Zkoledujse, in which an Adventist always sings a carol with the kids from a bicycle, which we choose for the team and colleagues. Selected pensions are then divided into different associations. We even published our own Zkoledujse cdko.

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For me, singing is a form of therapy, I know my soul through my voice. In the lessons I sing four different processes in full, and they take place. The voice is not just about the larynx, because use the whole body, as well, you have to connect both of you body and leave it. Technically, it seems that I suddenly get stuck before a certain age, although there is a limit, but do not leave the head, because there is no door. But I can sing a little oil. Frost is a game of fear and courage, from whom.

Petra Goskov

Petra Goskov

Are you afraid to live your life?
For a long time, I was glad I couldn’t get a job. And then he didn’t lose the rest of his life. I am afraid of different things, I know what he is fighting for, it attracts, I have learned to work with my fears. Prci mm and lsku too, mon too because I grew many of them lpt.

Even your date of birth, consisting of only nine and nine, is not without interest. Vte in arithmetic?
I am. But somehow I was not in the dark. The hunter develops, everything should be as you think somewhere in the horoscope. Enough to resist me and affect me. That’s the code. My date was definitely born for the most SVD, find out and explore it. I don’t think it was an accident. Not even that Marta Kubyov was born on November 1st. That’s very good.

What is the flock of life?
Do not rate. nothing. A nemt oekvn.